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Thread: Chef's Table

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    Chef's Table

    I personally don't like the term "fine dining", but that is what it's called. I think a better name would be "Edible Art".

    For the last ten years I have more and more become interested in "fine dining". I mean food prepared by world class chefs with no less than 1 Star... preferably 3.

    Some say such food is pretentious and that it is silly to pay several hundred dollars for a few tomatoes and a cucumber. But I also thought so until I started to fully go into this world. And you really get your moneys worth. To eat usually takes 5-7 hours, which includes about 7-12 dishes as well as a visit of the kitchens and interesting facts about what is presented. Add to this the look and taste of the Art you are about to devour.

    Now I don't eat at a 3 star restaurant as often as I would like, not only because it is expensive, but you don't go to see Wagner's The Ring once a month. That would defeat the pleasure and make it mundane. Besides some you got to wait 6 months for a table. Usually I try to go once a year. When I don't have the possibility to go I watch documentaries, or read online about some of the masters... or even try to make my own. But when I go it is always an experience.

    An experience of food. Of art. Of technique. Of skill. Of the highest level. And most of all it is an experience of taste. When I have been served by these master chefs they truly blow my mind.

    Now I got to get to the fucking point, which is that there is a really good series on Netflix called Chef's Table. Season two is out now and I really recommend every episode of both seasons if you want to get into the crazy, passionate, mad, genius, creative minds of these master chefs. They are alchemists in their trade. Truly!


    There are a number of restaurants that pretend they are a "star" restaurant, and there are also a lot of "bland" dogmatic repetitive "star" restaurants (mainly in France) that have just got lost in habit. I DO NOT mean these ones. I speak of a higher league. The "star" does not always mean that it is the highest art... there are a few restaurants that does not even have one star but are still considered to be the best in the world.

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