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Oh lol so that's where Illen comes from. IllenACluf fulCAnellI
Yes, kind of neat how it worked out, although it sounds a little old-fashioned and stiff with that middle initial. I also considered "Illena Cluf" as a possibility but it seemed to be a feminine name.

Fulcanelli's book made a huge impact on me when I first started studying alchemy, and I must have read his books cover to cover at least 6-8 times.

The avatar is also from Fulcanelli's book (Dwellings).

IMO, the reason he became so popular is that he is allegedly the very last adept who actually made the Stone, and his books are very accessible and fairly easy to follow (at least compared to some of the older texts). Although he is not accurate in everything he says, a novice can still learn a lot of the basics from reading his books.