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Thread: Full Moon Lunacy

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    Donít let the delusion of reality confuse you regarding the reality of the illusion.

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    One who is ruled by the night and lives mostly under the light of the moon, is called a Luna-tic, we all know about the effects the moon has on spiritual energy even if you aren't into this type of stuff.

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    I'm the opposite...I always feel good around the time of a full moon...or maybe it's that I am not caring about things that much

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    "Dogmatic Assumption Inhibits Enquiry" Rupert Sheldrake

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    Scientifically, melatonin is only produced when the body is exposed to sunlight. If you sleep during the day and are awake at night you will in-fact lack melatonin in the pineal gland. Having a healthy sleep cycle is vital to your brains health. Of course some people do not have a choice but the human has adapted to waking up with the rising of the sun, and going to sleep when the sun goes down.

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