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Thread: Essential oil yields

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    Essential oil yields

    I'm really struggling guys, I invested a fair bit of money $700 into a boiler and alembic hood with condenser, to try and do large batches of essential oil's from common herbs, Rosemary, pine, eucalyptus ect. But from a 25ltr batch I'm only able to collect sometimes not even 10mls.

    What's going wrong? Or is that just a realistic amount? I'm sure people's first impression is to say "are you doing this or that" but instead of trying to explain what I'm doing, could others just share their way of extracting pure essential oil's and the kind of yields they are getting please and thank you.

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    Unless your nice gear is designed for extracting oils specifically it's not necassary to use it for this. A standard distillation train where you put the coarse chopped plant and water in the boiling flask and then boil the broth until most of the liquid has gone across, the plant matter is just a little damp at the end. Put the distillate in a separatory funnel the oil will not be miscible with the water. Once it has fully settled open the tap to obtain the oil. Specialised oil distillation kits get higher yield.

    Yield varies hugely not only based on plant species but between batches of the same plant species I have found, also oil quality changes. For example I got some organically grown Rosemary it produced much less oil then standard stuff but the oil was really good.

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