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Thread: Alchemist's Mind Palace

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    I would like to explain a bit more of my idea reagrding the way that entropy can cause a version of free will.

    Over time data stored in a data collection device degrades, unless reinforced. As we are self aware beings, we have a perceptual feedback loop, which can also access our own memories. We have the ability to decide which parts we wish to reinforce, and which parts to allow to degrade.

    As we have no prior knowledge of which parts will go together to form a useful pattern, until we reach some level of success, we cannot truly know which is the right choice. At which point we make our best guess thereby making a choice, free will.

    The secondary aspect being that as we do not know which choice is going to be benefit us most, we could decide to reinforces a certain piece of information, or let it degrade. We may hope the reinforced information is the truth, or we could hope that during the degradation process we fall upon another piece of information that will fit in its place. Or that as it degrades, some of the random creativity formed by the degradation of the data could give us some more insight into the problem (dreams).

    Thereby we have free choice because of what we do not know, rather than what we do.

    If we all knew everything there was to know, we would all make the same choices.
    (the one which would be best in our perception).

    "We can never see past the choices we don't understand."
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    Distill fact from theory, fixate on inferences drawn.
    Upon which points does the mystery turn?
    "What's the matter?", one asks.
    "The universe is mental!", one replies.
    Know The Self.

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