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Thread: Short Dry Path (Ars Brevis)

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    Sure, but the point is that nobody knows how the solvent is made and you guys have been going round in circles for years now repeating statements of old authors to eachother but nobody still has any idea what that "secret solvent" is nor how it is really made. One author says this, the other says that, one says it's an "antimonial mercury" or a "saturnine antimony" and not any sublimed salt, another says exactly the opposite... And the few that claim eyewitness reports also claim entirely different things, one says lead turned to gold simply by adding some salt and leaving it, others say a powder must must be made from the secret salt and other stuff and thrown into molten lead in wax or it will evaporate, others never actually mention the use of lead but talk about pewter, etc etc.
    Its true they were all fucking with you to some degree, that's the point.
    Even the most honest authors had to make it difficult.
    There is no stone without the water. " It is a stone and not a stone "

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDP View Post
    It seems like every time you are proven wrong on something
    You haven't provided any form of proof whatsoever. So the rest of your j'accuse is baseless. As most of what you say to try and bluff others into silence is. You seem more like a troll.
    It hardly takes any "leap" when so many alchemy works themselves keep on pointing out that the alchemically produced silver and gold resist all the assayer's tests. This is in fact a very common topic in the literature. Also, contrary to what you claim, the number of historical transmutation accounts that mention how the silver or gold produced was tested and withstood the assays is HUGE. Some of the most well-known transmutation accounts, like the Helvetius and Berigard of Pisa accounts, mention this. Most people acquainted with this subject were very well aware of assaying.
    That's a total of two entire accounts. That is not a "huge" number. I have read maybe 10 accounts that describe the process as witnessed and maybe 4 or 5 of them mention tests but only the two you mentioned mention them in any form of detail.
    If you really have a huge number of accounts with descriptions of the assays/tests, I would like to see them. Please name a few more than the 2 most commonly known ones?
    Oh, and by the way, this is a good example of you not providing that so-called "proof" to support your assertion. This is what I mean with you not giving any "proof", you only shout things. Here you claim that there is a huge number of accounts of assays/texts, yet you don't support that claim. And yet you seem to think that is sufficient "proof" on your part to bully me into silence?
    Get off your high horse and stop acting like you're better than others.

    Oh you have "leads" to what the "Secret solvent" could perhaps be? Well good for you. But apparently you still haven't obtained it.
    And apparently you feel the need to keep even your "leads" secret.
    But I suppose that is because you're not in it for actual practical implementation eh, as you said yourself you're content with "satisfaction on the conceptual level".

    I think your attitude may be what has kept you from being contacted by real alchemists who could have revealed the secret to you.
    But if you want to grope around in the darkness forever, then by all means do so.
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