Sure, but the point is that nobody knows how the solvent is made and you guys have been going round in circles for years now repeating statements of old authors to eachother but nobody still has any idea what that "secret solvent" is nor how it is really made. One author says this, the other says that, one says it's an "antimonial mercury" or a "saturnine antimony" and not any sublimed salt, another says exactly the opposite... And the few that claim eyewitness reports also claim entirely different things, one says lead turned to gold simply by adding some salt and leaving it, others say a powder must must be made from the secret salt and other stuff and thrown into molten lead in wax or it will evaporate, others never actually mention the use of lead but talk about pewter, etc etc.
Its true they were all fucking with you to some degree, that's the point.
Even the most honest authors had to make it difficult.
There is no stone without the water. " It is a stone and not a stone "