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Thread: The quintessence of honey

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    Green Lion, that sounds neat. May i ask what kinda psychic activities he does that it boosted?
    Sorry but my father don't tell me everything what he does.
    So I don't know.
    But you should try if you want to know.
    This practical is not very difficult.

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    You're right, and im going to try it. I read something once that basically said to know the formula before performing it, so i try to get as much information on something as i can before i experiment with it.
    Thanks for your information though, and if i get something neat, ill make a new thread and post it.
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    Can some give me the names of the books or texts that teach recipes for this beautiful quintessence?
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    There are a few ways to capture the the quintessence of honey here


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    You can make a beautiful red quintessence simply by doing the ens process.
    The alkali will dissolve the honey.

    In this pic the alcohol extract above, the alkali below.

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    A failed attempt

    I tried Hollands method once but failed. The method was to distill honey and rectify it until it came over as a blood red liquor then to digest it until it was fixed. The only thing i can say is dont distill at high temperatures lol catastrophe awaits

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    Quote Originally Posted by elixirmixer View Post
    Quintessense of Honey. I shared it with some people.
    What is quintessence of honey and how did you make it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by solomon levi View Post
    You can make a beautiful red quintessence simply by doing the ens process.
    The alkali will dissolve the honey.

    In this pic the alcohol extract above, the alkali below.
    Quote Originally Posted by solomon levi View Post

    I made one quintessence of honey - I think it was French's recipe - where you let the honey digest with alcohol for a time,seperate the tincture from the dregs and distill it to a syrup.
    I really enjoy taking the quintessence I made, but I don't think it'll revive the dying.
    Which of the 2 above methods gave you a better result?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Green Lion View Post

    Obtaining the essence of honey has been one of my early spagyric work.
    I got the recipe in the chemistry course of Lefevre, Volume 1, page 218:

    II. Quintessence de miel.
    Vous prendrez deux livres de miel blanc, qui ait une bonne odeur & un bon goût. Vous le mettrez en une grande cucurbite de verre, dont les trois quarts soient vides. Vous la couvrirez de sa chape à bec bien lutée, à laquelle vous appliquerez un grand récipient pareillement luté. Faites un feu doux de cendres, jusqu’à ce que vous voyez monter des vapeurs blanches ; & pour les condenser en esprit, vous appliquerez sur la chape & sur le récipient des linges mouillés en eau froide, & il en sortira une liqueur qui sera rouge comme sang. Après la distillation, vous mettrez cette liqueur en un vaisseau de verre bien bouché, tant que la liqueur soit bien clarifiée & de couleur de rubis. Après quoi vous distillerez sept ou huit fois, jusqu’à ce que sa couleur rouge soit convertie en un jaune doré, & prendra une odeur très douce & très agréable. Cette quintessence dissout l’or en chaux, & le rend potable. Deux ou trois dragmes de cette liqueur prises intérieurement, font revenir à eux ceux qui sont à l’extrémité : elle fortifie même ceux qui jouissent de la santé, guérit la toux, les catarrhes & la rate ; appliquée sut les plaies & ulcères, elle les guérit incontinent, Fioraventi rapporte en avoir donné à des personnes dans les approches de la mort, & qu’il rappelait ainsi a la vie, pour leur donner au moins le temps de mettre ordre à leurs affaires. Distillée vingt fois avec argent fin, & donnée pendant quarante-six jours à un paralytique, il en a été guéri : c’est ce que Fioraventi marque avoir éprouvé lui-même. Sur quoi ce Médecin fait une remarque fort sensée à ce sujet, que Dieu n’a jamais promis dans l’Ecriture sainte, ni scammonée, ni casse, ni turbith, ni rhubarbe ; mais bien du froment, du vin, de l’huile, du lait & du miel.

    A little synthesis :

    Quintessence of Honey

    Take two pounds of white honey, with good smell and good flavour. Put it in a large glass retort. This retort should be full at ¼ with honey.
    Heat the cucurbite with sweet ashes fire, until you see white vapours. To condensate this vapours, use a system of refresh like humid clothes. You will then obtain a red liquor, like blood. Keep this red liquor in a very well closed vessel until this liquid become ruby red and clear.
    Then, you could distil this red liquor seven or eight times to obtain a gilt tincture. This tincture will have a very great smell.
    This quintessence dissolve gold calx and then it will be an aurum potabile.
    You could also distil twenty times this quintessence with pure silver.

    Personally, I had done a little different.
    Instead of keep the red distillate in another vessel, I made seven distillations with putting distillate on the feces.

    And here are some pictures to decorate ...

    First, the assembly. It is a hot balloon of fortune. An electric hot plate, an aluminum container, sand, a Pyrex flask with a capacity of 2L, a Liebieg and a balloon receiving 1L:

    Then the warmed honey:

    Between each distillation, here is what the slag:
    In the balloon first.

    Loosened it.

    Then, before putting on the distillate such slags, I reduce the powder:

    Finally, the beautiful essence of honey:

    I was going to use your method of making the quintessence of honey but found that there's a time constraint when heating honey at different temperatures and I was wondering if you remember how long you heated your honey and at what temperature. My question is based on the following chart I saw online:


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    What exactly is that chart supposed to show regarding effects?
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