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Thread: Flick Of The Wrist

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    Quote Originally Posted by Awani View Post

    I had similar considerations...

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    paraphrasing from what i remember
    " As the heat builds up on the base of the vessel, the liquid moves to the edges creating a dry patch in the centre.
    As the liquid evaporates then condenses and streams back down ( pouring rains, rivers. etc ), the pressure causes the tiny particulates in the liquid to be
    deposited on the dry patch in the centre. Hands around the vessel you should be fishing the air, forcing the condensing water on the sides to evaporate.
    This constant action helps compact the tiny particulates. ( carried in the wind )
    This is where the extensive washing comes in.
    As the liquid extracts the salt ( tiny particulates ) then deposits them, the dry patch becomes covered in a thin white film.
    With a flick of the wrist or movement with the hand holding the vessel, you drag or wash the liquid over the dry patch covered in " salt ".
    The " salt " ( thin white film ) is eaten by the liquid, dissolved and deposited again in the centre.
    While the liquid does this it extracts more and more " salt " from the matter, repeated each washing causes the matter to
    become slightly more opaque or lose its colour and compact the deposited salt further.
    Many have seen me in my first coat but few my 2nd or 3rd coats, after a good washing.
    The deposited salt becomes thicker and thicker in the centre, the liquid also becoming thicker has trouble eating the salt ( eating itself ).
    Eventually the salt becomes so compacted the liquid can barely budge it.
    The washing requires a movement with the hand or flick of the wrist, in order to extract and dissolve the redeposited salt again and again, compacting it further. "
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