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Thread: The ugly side of Ormus

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    The ugly side of Ormus

    I have been making some batches of Ormus, from mainly Pink Rock salt and Celtic Lake salt. (I add epson salts for the magnesium to help catch the precipitates.

    I desire to try today to extract some kind of 'isolated m-state' what ever that really means...

    My Quest today is to ask some of the harder questions....

    a) What is it about a process that involves changing a PH to 10.78, that makes us think that we are somehow creating "d-shell negated atoms" (What i believe to be the actual definition of orme's based on DH patent)

    b) Why is it that with each subsequent wash of the precipitate, i lose heavy amounts of yeild, and if it is then just a dissolving of say... magnesium, then what makes us think that we arnt just re-dissolving other m-minerals and losing them in the flush water?

    c) We can see with the WPG process that it usually takes a few, if not many, pH 'swings' to break down the gold atoms to small enough clusters to be considered mono-atomic? (and even then it is questionable, and would depend wholly on the skill of the artist.)

    d) WHY does boiling the matter in acid cause precipitates? I would think, that in a standardised science environment, that heat most often increases solubility, not decrease

    e) Does the wash solution drop out precipitate when boiled? (I'll find that out today)

    f) Is there any information we have so far, that actually suggests that there are materials of interest here, or are people just feeling some pretty nice magnesium deficiencies wash away? (The closest I have seen to proof is probably the work of Winwamman, although, this still seemed to be inconclusive) ((I would love to see more of your work Wigwamman)

    The point im trying to make here is that, even in DH patent, there is a lot to be desired, and in all other work, it seems that the foundation of reason comes from something more like un-educated guessing...

    Can we sit down and do some general science and really analyse and compile a standardised ormus extraction process.

    My thinking is something like the wigwamman crystal extractions, followed by some serious HCL H202, NaC03 swings...

    WWM, i found it hard to understand the process you followed to get to the crystal stage, care to elaborate?

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    Getting frustrated.

    Okay, I'm on white fluffy pres. stage 2

    I have started with celtic and epson salts.

    I hit it with mostly bicarb, and then a bit of carbonate just to tip it over the edge. (I like using bi-carb because of the extra oxygen atom, and because it is very safe. i think that this helps to break up some of those bonds (think H2O2))

    I then acidified it with HCL. I did not get any green colour. I believe this is either specifically only with DSS or perhaps the HCL you guys were using was contaminated.

    I also added H2O2. Im not letting it sit around and digest... Not big on the whole 'Month long' experiments. Wam Bam thank you Newton.

    Caution: Acid Burn and Sun Burn are a great combination for pure insanity.

    I filtered this solution about 7 times to get it nice and clean... which was the smartest thing ive done all day because the first 6 filters were still murky, the seventh was crystal clear. (Celtic Lake Salt seems to have a lot of 'Lake' in it. Therefore extrensive filtering was necessary for a nice clean pres.

    Brought it back over to about 8.5 - 9 pH

    Im glad that i have a very clean ormus fluff, but i dont want that. I want epic looking crystals like WWM was able to extract, but i have no idea how.

    All i really have to work with for the time being until last weeks order arrives in a couple more weeks, is H2O2, NaCO3, NaHCO3, clean water... and a small dash of 95% home made wine spirit.... that i'm pretty sure has started leaching its plastic juice container housing... so would prefer not to use...

    Can i get sexy crystals? Or a better question, how do i get sexy crystals.

    I want eye candy. Help me WWM!

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    good day to you elixirmixer

    well i have stopped using the method of NaHCO3 as it took forever and fails quite abit of the time, and i must say i have no idea way this happens, so it difficuld to get the eye candy you are searching for, it is posible though, if you take a very diluted solution of DSS and and add to this a solution of NaHCO3 to make the the ph about 8 this will slowly quagulate crystals on top if the solution, taking these solving in hcl and doing this again will make the crystals bigger and cleaner IE eye candy, i do beleve this is still trapped manna in Magnesium,, to these crystal you can add H2O2 and solve it but the correct H2O2 is needed, as not all work, [something to do with the stabalizers]

    i also stopped using sea salts all togeather as allot of them seem to have lost there wonders, and there are many sources that can be used and are far better sources then sea salts from the store, so im not talking about fresh collected salt crystals from the dead sea or what ever sea you prefure..

    though there are better and far easier ways to obtain a pure substance [not trapped in magnesium]. this will not be eye candy as in crystals. but lighting does awesome things to it when you shine it in to your solution

    the magnesium made by adding lye to water is not realy manna in my opinion but thats me, ofcource there is manna in the magnesium but trapped so not very usefull in that sens, lots of ppl are very deficiant in magnesium and thats the biggest case way thay feel better when taking it, also mind power does allot,..[thinking you are taking some good shitt makes it good shitt] :P but as you cant imagine the power that comes from that manna you will never obtain the true effects that you can get when you take the real stuff,, this stuff is not fluffy at first at all only after doing the right thing will it fix and become fluffy
    now there are ways to extract it from the substance its trapped in, and it takes little time, its just kind of brutal and needs lots of negative energy.

    kind regards..

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