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Thread: Alladin The Alchemist

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    Alladin The Alchemist

    Alladin = Translated as Servant of God/Allah, does the work of God on earth

    Genie = Actually derives from "to hide" or 'garden" which is Eden, the inner garden of the mind

    In the original story, Alladin rubs the ring he is wearing to bring the Genie out, but it also represents the oil lamp. Interestingly he is not married yet has a ring, it is the ring of the bridegroom, the sacred marriage of the feminine and masculine energies within. (light=heat, the sexual energy that fuels the kundalini), if you do not rub the lamp correctly, the Genie or "GENI-US" does not come out within you, the alchemist is a genius because he has harnessed the power of the Genie within.

    He is granted 3 wishes, which has esoteric implications. The number is sacred and represents trial and error, and completion. He has already activated the fire within, and now he must decide what to do with his 3 wishes, if he chooses wrongly it can have devastating effects. This is basic hermetic law of cause and effect, he creates his reality. We all have the power of the Genie within and can rub it the right way to activate this creative power, but you must also be aware that your own thoughts create the reality you live in, which is why you must choose wisely.

    The evil sorcerer represents the evil that we all have potential to be, and what would happen if the unprepared and unenlightened manage to discover sacred wisdom and use the power to destroy.

    Also its important to remember that Alladin like many other enlightened characters, almost always start their journey in complete poverty yet they still manage to give to others what little they have. The same message of the master Yeshua, charity is the key to beginning to journey and is the first thing taught to Freemasons in the 1st degree. The LAMP has always been a symbol of enlightenment along with the fire/flame. But in the alchemical sense it is the same as the various vessels the alchemist used during their work, which has always symbolized parts of the human body.
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    Very interesting, ArcherSage!

    The 3 wishes are not only in Alladin, but they are somehow a repeated themse in a lot of popular/folk tales (i.e, Theseus had been granted "three wishes" by his father, Poseidon... and did a mess with a first one, killing his own son, Hippolytus, after believing that he had raped his wife -which was not the case).

    It's interesting that you have related this story to the three "refusals"/"rejections"/"trials" which under some variations exists in probably every occidental rite I know (not just Masonry)... it is a very clever connection or association of ideas.

    It's one of those situations in which I would press the "like" button if there was one!

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    In Irish folklore if you catch the Leprechaun he grants you 3 wishes in exchange for his freedom. I am writing a book about the number 3 right now, it does seem to be the most common number along with 7 in ancient times. The sacred numbers are almost always odd numbers, 1-3-5-7-9 and are spiritual, material numbers are even 2-4-6-8-10. Which is why numbers such as 33 or 333, or 777 are so sacred.

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    I agree and already knew everything you wrote, except for this bit:

    Quote Originally Posted by ArcherSage View Post
    Alladin = Translated as Servant of God/Allah
    So for that I agree with this:

    Quote Originally Posted by zoas23 View Post
    It's one of those situations in which I would press the "like" button if there was one!
    Don’t let the delusion of reality confuse you regarding the reality of the illusion.

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    Hopefully my interpretation of the story gives some of you some motivation to search even more deeply within many of the classic fables and fairy tales, I am sure many of them have esoteric undertones.

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