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Thread: Philosopher's Stone In The Bible?

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    Don’t let the delusion of reality confuse you regarding the reality of the illusion.

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    Also might be of interest is a manuscript found in Zetner’s Theatricum Chemicum, attributed to Paracelsus, called Creatio Mundi ex narratione Moysis in Genesis with the supporting Explication duorum primorum capitum Geneseos juxta physicam; being a well mapped alchemical commentary on the first two chapters of Genesis.

    This is actually what I'm writing my book about. When Newton and Thomas Burnet and William Whiston were writing in the late 1600's they were following a tradition that looked deeply into Biblical scripture as a source of scientific knowledge. This was mostly Genesis, which I believe they filled in the details with the apocryphal Book of Enoch as well as Kaballah and Zohar. And then they added the Book of Job - particularly respecting chapter 38.

    I believe that Coleridge spent his whole life trying to take over from where Newton left off - interpreting Revelation via Alchemical thinking. Only unlike other Coleridgeans, I believe that Coleridge uncovered an alchemical 'prophecy' - and he referred to both Newton and Kepler as Prophets.

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    Remember many of the books of the bible are influenced by books from earlier cultures from the sumerians, egyptians, and others. Which means alchemy or the art of transformation/transmutation may have existed since the beginning of mankind itself.

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    There are several classics that pick the Bible as to explain the Stone... in most cases it's either the Genesis or the Gospels (I don't remember a text that picks other chapters).

    Does such thing mean that the Stone is explained in the Bible?

    It is well known that Canseliet got obsessed with Swift's "Gulliver's Travels"... Is the Stone in Gulliver's travels??? Was swift writing the book as an alchemical allegory?

    That's something fascinating about alchemy... a GOOD alchemist can pick a book (of course, not EVERY book would be suitable for such thing) and establish analogies with alchemy without saying something absurd... but such thing doesn't necessarily mean that the original author of the book had the intention of talking about Alchemy.

    Maybe the BIG question isn't IF the Stone is explained) in the Bible... but if the Bible CAN be used to explain the Stone (and the answer is yes, it has been done plenty of times).

    A similar example: Freud took Oedipus tragedy as to explain the structure of the unconscious mind (it doesn't matter if you agree with Freud or not, it's just an example)... Does such thing mean that the psychoanalytical theory was consciously contained in the original text of the Tragedy? I'd say it was not... and yet it doesn't matter. The original text didn't need to "consciously contain" the theory as to use it as to explain something.

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    Yes many fables and tales that are normally considered childrens stories, are in fact written by individuals who were influenced by esoteric knowledge of various sorts, such as the 3 little pigs or little red riding hood

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