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www.astro.com is where I would recommend going to get your birthchart
It's not a bad site to get an online chart, I don't really use it, but I just visited it... I saw it has an option to reduce the orbs, but it works with percentages, so I am a bit lost after a quick look (the OBVIOUS option would be to make it work with grades).

The "default" option works with HUGE orbs as to make the chart "more interesting" and show you aspects everywhere.

I work with 4º (I'd say that 5º should be the MAXIMUM)... i.e, your chart shows a 180º between moon and MC... but they are 172º actually.... So you are using a HUGE orb. You don't have an opposition between the Moon and the Middle heaven. So I would suggest to reduce the ORBS and don't work with something bigger than 5º (though 5º is already "too much" in my opinion and I prefer 4º, but it's possible to discuss it.... but 8º is really "too much").