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Thread: Our Blackness: Putrefaction

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schmuldvich View Post
    As an aspiring Alchemist, how can you possibly say this?

    Putrefaction is absolutely critical when preparing things Alchemically. Without it we toil in vain. Apparently not many people recognize this or want to believe it, because so very few focus on this fundamental aspect of the Art. Without Putrefaction there can be no Generation.

    Without Putrefaction we achieve nothing. Through Putrefaction we accomplish everything.
    There are 7 rotations of the wheel, indicating 7 planetary regimens. Putrefaction is the Regimen of Saturn. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Adepts came up with their usual distration tactics and many unfortunately have fallen for it. My personal opinion is not to fall for it and try to understand "what, why and how" aspects of these 7 rotations

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    Not all wheels have the same number of spokes, I have seen 4 spoked wheels, 7 spoked wheels and 12 spoked wheels.

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    Quote Originally Posted by z0 K View Post
    There are two kinds of putrefaction wet and dry. Dry is when you heat the herb in a closed system until the spirits rise above and the earth below is black.
    Thank you for the reply!

    Is this the same as what one could call burning, or are you specifically referring to lower temperatures used doing our Work?

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