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Thread: Menstrual Cycle and Alchemy?

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    Menstrual Cycle and Alchemy?

    I was reading various alchemy texts from the 16th and 17th century and some of them mentioned there being a "mercury" associated with menstrual cycles, often called the red flood. I was wondering what your thoughts were on the possibility that the human body both male and female are able to produce the stone naturally through processes were already know about? It is obvious that the male/female and masculine and feminine energies are the key to the stone, but how literal can this be? Many of the texts state that there is a seed that must be planted with the earth the earth the female body? But rather than the seed grow to a human, it becomes something else and then is expelled out in a different form? Is it the human body that is purified and through this purification, the bodies natural functions become sacred and produce the stone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ArcherSage View Post
    ...are able to produce the stone naturally...
    Depends on what you think the Stone is. My experience is that everyone in this forum has different views on what it is and what it does (with some common traits), and that none - at least in the practical community - has ever even been close to making it... perhaps "a" stone, but not "the stone".

    From my perspective The Stone is not material (as above, so below).

    As for menstural cycles they do tend to increase or disrupt any practice that deals with energy. So it's probably just that.

    Donít let the delusion of reality confuse you regarding the reality of the illusion.

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    Its easy for men to expel their seed, but women must wait to release the egg certain times of the year. Could there be something that these two can produce that is naturally released? And if the human body could internally create the stone, would it be expelled or would it remain inside? And assuming it could stay inside the body, how would you know if you created it?
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    I'm beginning to think the metaphor is with the lunar eclipsed moon, which appears fourteen days after the solar eclipsed moon. The red of this eclipsed moon, turned from white, is the "as above" portion of the great work.

    Then dissolve those Citrine Feces in such distilled Vinegar, as you did before, and then filter it likewise, three times as before, and after make or evaporate it to a Gum again, and then draw out of it more of our Menstruum, called now, Dragons Blood, and iterate this Work in all points as afore, until you have either brought all, or the most part of the Feces into our Natural and blessed Liquor , all which Liquor put to the first Liquor or Menstrue called the Green Lyons Blood, and set that Liquor then altogether in one Vessel of Glass fourteen days in Purification, and after proceed to the Separation of Elements, for now have you all the Fire of the Stone in this our blessed Liquor, which before lay hidden in the Feces, which Secret all the Philosophers do marvellously hide. (from Robert Turner's Collectanea Chymica, 1684, p.105)

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    Hmm never read that about the feces before, is he implying that the body "waste" is actually not a waste?

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    It may just mean a kind of by-product or waste from a purification process.

    But it could also be something more akin to the Egyptian Scarab - which was known to regenerate itself in its own ball of dung (John Dee highlights this in his Monad by referencing Aesop's fable of the Eagle and the Scarab). Also, there is such a thing as a Balneo Maria which can be water or dung - in both cases warm. Balneo Maria is a reference to one of the first Alchemists - Maria the Jewess around the 1st century, whom Zosimus quoted liberally a few centuries later.

    The scarab was very sacred to the Egyptians (who began Alchemy / Chemes)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Coleridgean View Post

    But it could also be something more akin to the Egyptian Scarab - which was known to regenerate itself in its own ball of dung (John Dee highlights this in his Monad by referencing Aesop's fable of the Eagle and the Scarab).
    I think that may have been a misconception on their part as the Scarab laid its eggs in balls of dung and the hatchlings would emerge from their food ball and thus upon seeing this they thought the Scarab was regenerating from it.


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