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Thread: Moses and Ormus

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    Moses and Ormus

    We all know about the story of Moses turning the golden bull into a powder and feeding his people with it, but I was thinking about the serpents in the wilderness story. The Hebrew were getting poisoned by the serpent (snake represents toxicity), and Moses was able to heal them with the same serpent that poisoned them by putting it on his staff. Could this story be a parable about how Ormus or Manna MUST be made with toxic/poisonous materials such as mercury/gold but there is a fine line between Medicine and poison?

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    I would take it in a different direction..

    There are similarities between Kundalini and Shekhinah. Both are considered primordial and divine Feminine energy. Shekhinah is usually translated as being 'the presence of God' but I like to think of the metaphor as "God's Grace".

    There is the serpent (Kundalini) on the brass pole, given to the people by God through Moses (their initiator). This saves them from the 'fiery serpents' consuming them. The Hebrew word for the serpent on the brass pole is 'Nehushtan' (נחשתן).

    Nehushtan can be seen as example of God's grace (Shekhinah) in action.

    An interesting gematric correspondence is:
    Shekhinah = 385. 3+8+5= 16. 1+6= 7.
    Nehushtan = 808. 8+8= 16. 1+6= 7.

    7 obviously corresponding to the 7 vertebral chakras.


    But, more relavent... Basil Valentine says that doses is what separates a medicine from a poison.
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    Some would interpret Moses and the Golden Calf story as an allusion to extracting the seed from gold...

    But when this noble Art reached its true flowering, the weeds soon appeared which wanted to suppress the good seed. Therefore many spoilers, misleaders and butchers of honest men appeared who attempted to obscure the good either from a lack of understanding or from untimely arrogance.

    Now we find that also mighty Kings, Princes, and Lords were engaged in this Art, considering it the highest good next to the soul's salvation. In particular, the Egyptians had been blessed with special knowledge in it above all other nations. They were not just satisfied with the general preparation of medicines but reflected deeper on the matter, dissected the subjects correctly and extracted their essences. They separated the pure from the impure, and they were the inventors of the true Chymia, or the Art of Spagyrics. In it they excelled to such an extent that all the books on the subject cannot relate enough of them.

    That is also why Moses had been so far instructed in the Egyptian Arts that he could burn the Golden Calf with fire, which as one of the greatest wonders and is not to be esteemed so little as others may think of it. For it is such a stable creature of God that it cannot be destroyed by any element. As we read, Moses destroyed it and threw it on the water. This destroying and burning is the noblest work in hermetic medicine.

    Each may reflect himself on what this strange water may be. Let it suffice to say where this water can be found and what qualities it has. And I will add something one has to carefully note about this water and by which it can be recognized: It lights and burns itself, simultaneously burning the gold. This may well be the fiery means whereby Moses burnt the Golden Calf to ashes and gave of it to drink to the children of Israel in that water. If you cannot find this water which burns itself and turns into red ashes, you may surely believe that you will achieve nothing in this secret. It is gold and at the same time water and fire. It is hot and cold, like Jove's Hammonius fountain, moist and dry, it wets and dries again.

    "Treatise On Gold", by Johann Agricola 1638

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