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The matter as I see it is that you do twist a tortured path for yourself around your alchemical word smithing concerning the starting matter. The matter here is the rut you are in because the adepts start with one matter and you do not understand why. Fortunately you here have decided to accept the example of "wood" as one matter to start with. That is a good choice.

In your example of working with wood as the initial matter: one thing: wood, you decide to discard essential elements or substances obtained from that one matter: wood. The smoke does not "go away" unless you let it escape which is the first sign of failure to follow the paradigm. As a result your prediction about the consequences of discarding primary elements obtained from the starting matter: one thing: wood is correct. See what happens... anything remotely like the Stone? nothing but a quick dead-end.

I challenge your assumption! You say it leads to the same dead ends. Now you will have to prove it as you have often demanded from others. You have accepted "wood" as a one-matter-only starting matter. Now you can demonstrate that your assumption is correct through actual experiments in your lab. Get wood. You are going to need quite a bit of it. You will need to dry distill it and collect every substance that evolved from that one thing: wood: the starting matter. You will need to document how you proceed of course in order to prove your point.

I don't believe you will do it because you have some doubts about it: you will prove yourself wrong. That is hard to take. On the other hand as soon as you prove yourself wrong you will then be able to see your way out of that blind alley.

Another thing, you said: Where is your proof! All you put forth on this matter so far is your personal opinions: claims. Now, put up some proof from your laboratory. You are the one claiming it is false, prove it!
Florius Frammel's example was about burning wood, not distilling it. But wood distillation has also been practiced for centuries, its byproducts, like empyreumatic oils and pyroligneous acid, are well known. How exactly have any of these substances ever produced the Stone by themselves, though? If it was so simple as distilling wood and then manipulating its byproducts to somehow "coagulate" them into a solid, dense, stable, fire-resistant but fusible mass that "penetrates" molten metals (none of which I think will ever happen by manipulating such byproducts alone), the Stone would have stopped being a mystery for most people a long time ago.