Praise Almighty God, and may all, either stand in bewilderment, otherwise, kneel in awe, for YHWH delivers us The Work already near to completion.

For as God in all His wisdom has willed it, the Spiritus Mundi is consolidated down to us from above... And let us not think that it is undetermined, for rather, it is equally determined to all things, for it is balanced, and infact, its manifestation is born from only a vortex in perfect elemental balance. (metaphorically speaking)

Therefore let us look towards the tree of life, as it descends down that Ultimate light, it indeed, is split through the prism, and then manifests into our physical reality as Sol it here, having being half-part-complete as it solidifies further, and is reflected from Yesod, our Luna.

She is in most part complete. Yet the physical manifestation is not mature without the inertia of Malkuth. Through balance we obtain grounding. Through the four elements we capture and coagulate the three principals

So here then; the philosopher begins his path, he climbs high peaks, where he feels cold grounds and icy winds, he looks down from said peaks and contemplates the warmth of the trees below. He has been moistened from his lofty experiences, and yearns again to feel the warmth of his fellowmen and share of his experience. As he speaks, within the four walls of the Saloon, his cheeks crimson from fine liquour, only then does he consider again those lofty heights, and then when the sun rises, so again does he take his march, up to the summit, where the winds are icy and the ground slips out from under the feet.

For years the man wandered.. and at each turn, felt the burning of that which he had not, whether it be the cool chill of his many tall stories, or the comfort of home, his friends and the warm fire.

On and on it went. year after year. His friends passed away, and the peaks disappeared...

He sat now, old and happy, His grandchildren sang, the fire was still crackling..

These youth turned to a grey bearded smile, they asked said face 'Where was your lot as a child?'

Ol' grey beard turn with a shine in his eye. 'Secrets I would find, and secrets I do keep, some when I was blind, some while on the peeks'

They laughed these kids and thought nothing more, their lives they did fade, Ol' White beard; more he saw.

The rain fell down, the dew in all its beauty.. the man still sits and attends to his duty.

Nature teaches lessons, while the world learns so little.

The man still lives on... in the peaks we know not... He's probably in the forest. 900 years and smokin' pot.

Thank you Father; and amen.