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Thread: Degrees of Compassion

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    Degrees of Compassion

    For me real compassion is to help someone and get nothing in return. To do it without reward. Ironically this usually manifests in positive energy/events happening, so in the end you do get something in return. Looking at it like this selfishness is indirectly egoism.

    Anyway that is not what I wanted to discuss.

    Where do you draw the line?

    There is a beggar that has been sitting outside my local supermarket for a long time. Recently it has bothered me that I have been ignoring this person, not even looking at him. Just plowing along doing by chores. So today I decided I was going to talk to him, befriend him even.

    Alas we did not share any language so it was hard to have a conversation, but I gave him 10 Euros / Dollars (value equal as of writing).

    Driving home I was think I could have given him 20 Euros / Dollars. It would not break me. In fact I had just spent the same amount buying lots of crap I really don't need... but that I would enjoy eating. I guess I could have given him 100 Euro / Dollars. I guess I could have invited him to stay with me for free and help him get his life together. I guess I could live at work for free and give my house up for a group of homeless people. I guess I could just give it all away to the less fortunate. I mean I know I would be alright. I am intelligent and skilled and white enough to bounce back without problem.

    Why do I draw the line with 10 Euro / Dollars and not with making myself broke living on the streets?

    After all if EVERYONE did this what a nice world it would be. If everyone has nothing and if everyone helps everyone there is no need for anything.

    This has been weighing on me for some time now.

    What do you guys/gals say? Where do you draw the line? And is it selfish to be cheap to not give more when you could, and just give a little? Is that not just compassion-Light and frowned upon by the intergalactic energy (or whatever)?

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