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Thread: Degrees of Compassion

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    Quote Originally Posted by thoth View Post
    There is the part of giving where one expects gratitude from the recipient, and I wonder am I giving to make me feel good, or because its the correct thing to do........
    Compassion with demands (like wanting gratitude) is pseudo-compassion.

    If it feels good that is fine, but not if that is the reason to do it. Then it is pseudo again. IMO.

    Quote Originally Posted by zoas23 View Post
    $10, $100 or $1,000 is not the answer (in my opinion).
    Neither was it the question. The question was is it real compassion if you could give 10 but give only 1? It doesn't matter if money helps or not. It is not about who you are helping or how you are helping, but about fake or real compassion and where the line is drawn.

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