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Thread: Ketamine & 'The K-hole'

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    Ketamine & 'The K-hole'

    Ketamine is an anesthetic. It was legal in most countries until a series of media articles brought hysteria about it being used for nefarious purposes.

    It was then classified as a drug in some countries, and has since become illegal in them;
    while in others it is still legal and available over the counter.

    Has anyone ever used Ketamine in a medical environment?
    or experimented with it?

    Also does anyone know the pharmacokinetic action of the substance?

    (p.s this has a point, and I shall be getting to it after some replies)

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    Ketamine Pharmacokinetics

    A lot of Ecstasy was laced with Ketamine and sometime Ketamine was sold as Ecstacy.

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    if you imagine the brain as a processor, ketamine effectively turns off lots of switches, turns on lots of switches, then floods the brain with a certain biochemical that gives it its effect.

    I'm interested in if anyone has any knowledge of the substance or experience in taking it.

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