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Thread: Ketamine: journeys into the next dimension (OBE)

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    Quote Originally Posted by zoas23 View Post
    Ketamine is however VERY addictive and I saw the life of three former friends getting completely destroyed by it. The comparison with a heroin addiction is not incorrect. I would stay as far as I can from it.

    It is also not really "safe"... I've personally taken a close friend to the hospital who almost died after a ketamine overdose. He didn't develop an addiction because he tried it only that time and, of course, decided not to play with that thing again.

    Hmmm. I think perhaps you're thinking of another drug here. Ketamine is non-addictive and perfectly safe.
    That's why it's used in anaesthesia on pregnant women; (that and it doesn't cross the placenta)
    There could be a couple of instances where it would be harmful: long-term use, and I mean REALLY long-term use can affect the bladder muscles. People who have used continuously for a few years have ended up getting damage to their bladders.
    It can also cause respiratory depression, so it's ill-advised to say the least if you have asthma or COPD as it could potentially cause fluid on the lungs (although this is rare).

    It's also not physically addictive. I'm sorry to hear about your friends becoming dependant, and if it was ketamine they were using, as a chemist I would say it was likely either mixed with cocaine (as a street drug this is sometimes reffered to as 'Calvin-klein' and is obviously very addictive) or it was the psychological effects that were addictive to them (the escape from reality/crave of sensation).

    These are all off the top of my head; I wouldn't recommend anyone taking any drug outside of a medical environment; I also wouldn't rely on my information if you're considering taking any substance, so perhaps google or check erowid if you are.

    Quote Originally Posted by dev View Post
    The lab production is just about extracting the DMT from the organic material (the bark). Whereas Ketamine is not of the same type as far as I understand, it's more "chemical".

    I agree with you in part, but I believe your mental state at the time has a much more profound effect on what it is you're taking.
    Also the state of your liver: the time of day affects the different stages and chemical reactions going on in your liver, so at 5pm you have a completely different set of chemical reactions going on than at 4am (this is also why during our sleep patterns we have a "liver dream", and people with damaged livers such as alcoholics often have sleep apnea of the vagus nerve and night terrors around this time)

    In astrotheology, the different times of the day are also ruled by different planets. I believe this was talked about in 'The greater key of Solomon book 1' iirc, and I would also recommend 'Zodiac and the salts of salvation' to anyone interested.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voltaire View Post
    anyway once I got to this grid, I realised it was a spherical grid and I was inside it.
    This grid turns out to be around our planet, and contains our world.
    on the cross-sections of this grid were spiraling vortexes.
    I went through one of these and when I came out on the other side I was able to look down and see the earth. It was magnificent, I'm not entirely sure why I couldn't see it before.
    Likely the first grid IS the earth, before I was inside it.
    The vortex I just went through is what we call a "leyline" and the white glowing ball the centre of the earth.

    I flew up higher, and went through another vortex in the grid above the first (there's layers and layers of these grids, apparently it was originally contructed by thoth - and starts at the Giza pyramids).
    HI Voltaire,

    I'd love to hear more about this grid system, if you have any more information to share about your experience with it.
    Art is Nature in the flask; Nature is a vial thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiorionis View Post
    HI Voltaire,

    I'd love to hear more about this grid system, if you have any more information to share about your experience with it.
    Ask me anything you like and I'll tell you what I know.

    I spent a great many hour days and weeks in the other dimension. The invisible universe, under the invisible sun.
    Time does not exists there, so although I was only unconscious on this plane for an hour, it was much longer there.

    I remember quite a lot about what I saw there, and the physics of the universe there, so I'll try and answer any questions as best as I can.
    I'll maybe try and draw a picture to explain it better by time you next reply.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voltaire View Post
    Ask me anything you like and I'll tell you what I know.
    Sounds interesting for me also to listen to your ideas.

    Time does not exists there, so although I was only unconscious on this plane for an hour, it was much longer there.
    Time is completely non-existent or does it have a slower pace compared to our time? How is it possible to have non-existent time but to have events occuring and movement?

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    I'm pretty sure time doesn't exist there.
    That's how they're able to talk about events that haven't happened yet.

    It also means they judge us on not just what we've done, but what we're going to do;
    it means everything is pre-ordaned. To a certain degree.
    I did once witness an argument between two twin spirits: one was arguing that one thing would happen, one was arguing that it doesn't.
    It seems that there may be various timelines, based on a positive/negative (what we call good and evil) system

    To explain this you have to look at dimensional theory.
    There are 11 dimensions, or something like that (I'm a little rusty on this)
    but the 4th dimension is Time, past that you have different dimensions where different things happen, and by the 9th dimension you are able to see everything that happens in the other dimensions ever, and the 12th dimension is a completely alternate reality where the big bang as we know it didn't happen as it is in our universe (sorry if this info is a little off, it's off the top of my head from a textbook I once read, and so the information is likely inaccurate, but is presented to give you a general gist of the theory (I'm too busy to stop and google atm))

    I understand what you mean with the time difference/time dilation.
    Without reenacting the test, and recreating results in a lab environment I wouldn't be able to really source the answer to this question.
    I know around 45minutes in this dimension occured, and a few hours in the next, but it could have just "felt like" hours:
    I may have been gone a second, and the other 44 minutes 59 seconds were just filler/transition;
    It may not have to have any time pass in this dimension, or it may just pass much slowly in theirs, it's hard to tell.
    But time is a relative construct, and since gravity doesn't seem to react the same in their universe (doesn't have a bearing much at all) time doesn't seem to occur there in the way we perceive it here.

    Imagine you had no time, no clocks, no gravity, no mass anywhere - just a large black void.
    How would you measure time?
    you would need something to measure, so say you moved: as there's nothing around you relative to you it would be impossible to tell if you'd moved, how fast, or how long it took you to move from a to b (since there is no a or b to measure against)

    It was similar to that here, things were moving, and there was interaction, but it was very much all just relative to each other thing's movements - as if everything there was all just happening, instead of being in chronological order or anything.
    And everything here seemed to be known to them, past present and future.

    Does that make any sense?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voltaire View Post
    Does that make any sense?
    Thanks for your detailed answer. Time is difficult to perceive even in this plane. Imagine a world without clocks as you said or without the precession of day and night .. you will think that time in the longterm doesn't exist. It seems to exist only in short "periods"-stories. But this is how you perceive it; we know that devices like clocks can help us detect and measure it.

    In that world you talk about, I observe that space is existent. You talk about a grid around the earth and a black sun. This means that measurements of space are possible there, right? When it comes to time, is it possible to observe the behaviour of the black sun for example and draw conclusions about the time? As I see it you already described two constants in that place through which you can locate your self in space and probably in time too.

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