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Thread: Kechari Mudra: the tongue lock - The Key to Overcoming Death

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiorionis View Post
    The Blue flavor is better
    Best ones are the orange & lemonade.

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    I said that the Lunar will not equilibriate your Solar energy, only Shakti. The Lunar Initiation with Chandra should be made before the Solar Initiation with Ajna.

    When I was under the Amrita effect, I was still eating meat, and this is not really important, everything that matters is the action of the Chandra Chakra.
    Hrim Bham Sam Pham Paham Sam Ksham is Kechari Mantra and I said it was Lunar.

    There is two ways for you to cool down your energies.
    Lunar or Shakti.

    I'd choose at first Shakti, then, I'll see if I need the Lunar initiation.

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    "I want to transmute everywhere" ~ The Spirit of Alchemy.

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