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Thread: Alchemy Congress

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    That's too bad. Although I ever made it over there once, I'll still miss that house.
    Art is Nature in the flask; Nature is a vial thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiorionis View Post
    I'll still miss that house.
    There will be others. Maybe

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    OK we're fast approaching the end of October and so far nobody has pledged their attendance to the Alchemy Conference 2017 Down Under.
    So in my mind it isn't going to happen....HOWEVER...I made prayers recently asking to meet like hearted souls.
    3 days after I first made that prayer, a friend contacted me from out of the blue and asked me to attend a Dao ceremony with her. Of course I jumped at the chance and I already had my call answered.

    But, it would be hypocritical for me to cancel another opportunity to have my prayer answered. a way of opening my heart to the universe...I will continue with the plan to host an alchemy congress.

    But changing the dates to the 24th-27th November.
    Previously I said I would charge a small amount for accomodation, but now everyone can stay for free.
    You'll just need to pay for your own food and drink.

    Fri 24 Nov- everyone start to arrive. BBQ dinner
    Sat 25 Nov - alchemy/chemistry demonstrations from participants + tour of local tourist attractions
    Sun 26 Nov - expedition to surrounding forest to forage for plants + arrive back and perform extractions
    Mon 27 Nov - Expedition to Limestone caves and thermal pool. -> Departure

    I decided to keep the names of any attendees silent.
    So if you turn up, expect that it's just gonna be you and me, and if there's anyone else, it'll be a surprise for you.
    If you're thinking of making the trip, arrange your travel to and from Canberra city, and I'll cover the rest.
    The house which you'll be staying at is a fantastic place to stay in. The view is gorgeous and the surrounding environment is peaceful and serene with abundant wild life all around. Most foreigners think every Aussie house has kangaroos bouncing around their back yards, but nobody actually does. Well, my place actually has them most mornings.

    Hoping to meet some like-hearted souls.
    "Show me a stone which can cure cancer in 1 week,
    and I care not whether it transmute base metal to gold."


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