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Thread: Pyramids: how they were really built

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    Most of my pyramid studies has been the usefulness of their sacred geometries. Im greatly interested in the effects of doing a pyramid visualization mediation on the next full moon to see if I can trap 4th dimensional energies just by visualising a tetrahedron.

    It is this form of consciousness evolution that is my 'WHY' they built the pyramids, I am not sure as to how, but I do love the idea of levitating giant bull coffins. Im going to go with that one
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    Thoth sang the Pyramids into existence.

    All greatest works of the megaliths were accomplished with the Voice, the great works with the aid of the Giants that survived the deluge, the least works were done by man left with devices he didn't mostly understand, or simply poor attempts to replicate lost glory.

    The interesting riddle that appears (architectureally speaking) is the sudden appearance of the cathedral building movement with its fairy tale arches and glass made so the light appears to come from within the art itself, not through it. This occurs long after any noted Master either dissappear ed or fell silent and has never been satisfactorily explained in my mind.

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