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Thread: Hermeticism vs. Gnosticism - Differences

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quarrox View Post
    I think it was Dev who said that the early Gnostics evolved out of hermetic teachings...
    Did I? Well it didn't. Hermeticism is much younger than Gnosticism. Yes Hermes and Thoth and the tradition is older than Gnosticism, but Hermeticism is a somewhat "modern" thing.

    Quote Originally Posted by dev View Post
    I would also not say Rosicrucianism is a branch of Gnosticism, rather a branch of Hermeticism.

    Gnosticism is stand-alone origin-Christianity.
    If there was any Hermeticism back in the days of Gnosticism they evolved parallel more than out of each other. Regardless both are based in the same ideas... the origin of which is Shamanism. It is for this reason Shamanism is the only thing that carries any weight (in my opinion).

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    I'm sorry, my bad. I should have cross-checked the post before assuming. No, you did not say that.

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