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Although alchemy is not often seen as an art, as is magic, when viewed from the perspective of those uninitiated, it is nothing but. Péladan writes in L’art Idéaliste et Mystique:
Artist! You are a priest: Art is the great Mystery… Artist! You are a king: Art is the true Empire… Artist! You are a magician: Art is the great Miracle…
The definition of art, according to most dictionaries, is as a skill and then especially a human skill, or a skill applied to imitation and design, and it concerns mind and imagination. Alchemy is a skill and imagination is the tool. Therefore it is not strange that alchemy, together with magic, is seen as a form of art.

Since its early beginnings, and throughout the centuries, hermeticism (of which alchemy is a part) and magic have manifested itself in all forms of art. As Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh states, in The Elixir and the Stone:
…the earliest music, the earliest painting and drawing, the earliest sculptures, the earliest dance, the earliest literature were all almost invariably apprenticed to religious principles, all adjuncts of religious doctrine and ritual. Only much later in the development of civilization did a purely secular art of any significance begin to appear. And even when it did, it drew extensively on the techniques and motifs employed in religious art.
If religion is understood as something that is spiritual, and not a system of belief that is tied to a certain church and hierarchy, then hermeticism is a sort of religion, and an ancient one at that. Alchemy and magic is not separate from the hermetic arts, they blend together quite easily, and therefore when there is talk of magic, there is also talk of alchemy and hermeticism. All are they Ways of Hermes.

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