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Thread: Re: multiple accounts

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    Re: multiple accounts

    In the past ten years we have had a few people create multiple accounts in order to jerk themselves off publicly. Doing such a thing results in a ban.

    I think it is worth pointing out that NEXT TIME we discover someone with multiple accounts they will be banned AND anyone who knew and never informed us (no matter who you are) will also be banned. Guilty by association. Guilty by silence.

    Why is it so important?

    Because below example will happen if same person has multiple accounts:

    Quote Originally Posted by dev
    The secrets of alchemy is hidden in this book I have written called "dev's alchemy".
    Quote Originally Posted by bob-smith
    That sounds amazing, I will get that for sure.
    Quote Originally Posted by samantha
    @bob-smith: yeah get it, I did... it's amazing...

    You want this?

    I did not think so.

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