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Thread: Nicotine-Junkie and hopeless, please help

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    Nicotine-Junkie and hopeless, please help


    I am a smoker since the age of 14, now i am 34. Several times i tried to quit. The longest period it lasted was 3 months, always cold turkey as i don't believe in reducing the cigarettes.

    Everytime i convince myself that this time i will make it: "Never take another puff! Never ever again". I really believed myself every time. But finally, i do always have a stupid excuse to start again. May it be the consumption of alcohol, stress at work or boredom.

    I never fail to disappoint myself again and again. I think my wife and family also stopped believing me. I am desperate. I want to stop to feed the astral larvaes and I don't want to die with an addiction of any kind, as i believe it will set boundaries for the mind and soul.

    I feel guilty and as a traitor to myself. Soon i plan to participate in a Ayahuasca-Ritual. People say that this ritual might help killing the desire to smoke, but i don't want to rely on it. I seek liberation.

    What should i do? I would appreciate your suggestions. Thank you.

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    Keep at it....eventually you'll get there.
    Even if you quit and then start up again, you're still gonna learn a lesson to help you in the future.
    So every attempt was still worth having a go, even if you are still smoking now.

    There's probably nothing I can say that you dont already know...but I'll offer one piece of my own experience in trying to quit cigarettes....I bought a realistic looking e-cigarette and would make sure to charge the battery and carry it with me for any events that I thought might cause me to relapse. I actually ended up pulling it out and puffing on it while drunk at my cousins wedding. As stupid as I probably did take away my urge to smoke.
    I also remember puffing the e-cig once after seeing a movie where John Travolta's character was smoking. Curiously, after that day I was then able to see any smoker either on the street or movie or TV screen without wanting one myself ever again.

    At the end of the day my mind, I'm still addicted.
    Even more than 6 years after having given up the fags, I reckon I'm only 1 cigarette away from taking it up again. My thinking is never to smoke that cigarette. I may have beaten my smoking habit (as you will too)...but the addiction is something we will always carry.

    I reckon the Ayahusca ceremony shouldn't come into'll be able to quit whenever you're ready to....could be before or after the ceremony. Doesn't really matter.

    Just keep trying!
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    "Show me a stone which can cure cancer in 1 week,
    and I care not whether it transmute base metal to gold."


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    Thank you Ghetto Alchemist, for your words. A question: Have you used the e-cig with or without nicotine in it?

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    There is a very effective way to quit smoking that I found myself that has never been mentioned. I used it in the early 1970's and haven't smoked a cigarette since.

    Often you are told to reduce the cigarettes gradually until you no longer smoke. I tried that approach many times but it never worked. Then I got an inspiration! I thought: "what if I went the OTHER way? Instead of reducing the amount I smoke, what if I doubled it?"

    So, instead of one pack a day, I decided to smoke two packs a day unfailingly for three days. This last word (unfailingly) is important. The reason is that within a short time, you become very sick of smoking. My skin started turning greenish, I felt nauseated most of the time, I coughed continuously, I could no longer stand the smell, and I lost my voice. I wanted to quit there and then, but I kept it up for three complete days. At the end, I was totally sick of even the idea of smoking. I felt nauseated whenever I thought of it.

    This feeling of total revulsion lasted for well over a month or two. That was enough time to finally break my habit.

    Thus, just try to double the amount you usually smoke for a period of three days. But stick to the plan, even if you feel totally nauseated and sick. You WANT your body to feel that way, which is the most effective way to quit, and one you will never read about.

    It's like anything - often too much anything makes one sick of it. Imagine eating two bowlfuls of icing sugar. After that, you will likely get so sick of it you will never try that again.

    It worked perfectly for me, and I haven't smoked again for 45 years. I hope it will also work for you.

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    Mar 2011
    My e-cig was just propylene glycol, no nicotene.
    Nicotene solution is illegal here in nanny state Australia.
    I did use the patches for the first couple of weeks though.
    "Show me a stone which can cure cancer in 1 week,
    and I care not whether it transmute base metal to gold."


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    Jul 2012
    I quit smoking in 1970 when I was in the army in Vietnam. I had been smoking about a pack and a half a day. I wanted to quit, all the hacking and wheezing and my throat was tore up. There was lots of weed in Nam and the black market exchange rate for name brand american cigs was very good. Two cartons of cigarettes got me a pound of weed. I traded my monthly cigarette ration for weed. Every time I had the urge to smoke a cigarette I just lit a bowl of weed and smoked it. I smoked a shitload of weed for three days. And then I did not want another cigarette. I haven't smoked tobacco since then except for a couple of times puffing on a ceremonial pipe while participating in Native American religious celebrations.

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    why quit?
    roll diy cigs from real quality tobacco
    ecigs with nico 4 special places
    cuba cigars rulez

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    @Illen A. Cluf: Wow, i think that would be three extreme days. But why not? It could be worth a try, i will think about it. Creative approach.

    @Ghetto Alchemist: Ok, i think with nicotine, the addiction would just last longer.

    @z0 K: Another alternative way. I would do it, but my mind does not tolerate weed any longer.

    @horticult: the idea is to quit smoking. Also, i used to roll my cigarettes for several years.

    Thank you for the ideas!

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    I quit during an ayahuasca ceremony. It was very powerful. Was easy as fuck. No physical reactions. It was just gone. It took me by surprise. But it would not have worked if it had not been my intention.

    Ayahuasca is a miracle and is given far too little respect by the majority of the human race. If a strong brew is made and administered by a good ayahuasca Shaman then nothing else in the world can match it except maybe death.

    Episode 10: stop smoking

    Tobacco is used during ceremony, the best tobacco in the world and one of the strongest. But it did not hinder my own quitting. So don't confuse the two. The Mapacho (as it is called) is an ally during ceremony. If you are weak to this addiction then perhaps do not use it, but it helped me.

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    May 2009
    I used nicotine patches...they are great, you really do not crave a cigarette, but then you have to get off the patches and this is where people fall off the wagon.

    So I purchased Chuppa chup lollies...

    20 a day, every time I wanted a cig I sucked on one of these. You will be amazed how quickly you get sick of them.

    I gave up the chuppa chups, not the cigarettes.

    Was good for eight years, then got cocky thinking I could have the odd cig now and then, soon got addicted again.

    Permanently on the ecig now, hope to stop soon. It is the habit that is difficult to give up as much as the nicotine.


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