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Thread: Nicotine-Junkie and hopeless, please help

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    Thank you very much, to all of you. Exceptional community!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quarrox View Post

    I am a smoker since the age of 14, now i am 34. Several times i tried to quit. The longest period it lasted was 3 months, always cold turkey as i don't believe in reducing the cigarettes.

    Everytime i convince myself that this time i will make it: "Never take another puff! Never ever again". I really believed myself every time. But finally, i do always have a stupid excuse to start again. May it be the consumption of alcohol, stress at work or boredom.

    I never fail to disappoint myself again and again. I think my wife and family also stopped believing me. I am desperate. I want to stop to feed the astral larvaes and I don't want to die with an addiction of any kind, as i believe it will set boundaries for the mind and soul.

    I feel guilty and as a traitor to myself. Soon i plan to participate in a Ayahuasca-Ritual. People say that this ritual might help killing the desire to smoke, but i don't want to rely on it. I seek liberation.

    What should i do? I would appreciate your suggestions. Thank you.
    From my experience, i know only 3 person from my entourage who have managed to quit smoking by doing something concrete. Two of them read the book by Allen Carr "Easy way to Stop Smoking" and the third person did some therapy and he was advised to find out what were the reasons that made him to start smoking in the beggining. To try to work a little in the subconscious and he realise that the reason why he start smoking was a stupid one, which now its not available anymore, so, slowly, he gave up. Maybe this will help you, i understand that for everybody is different. For example, my grandmother is smoking for almost 60 years and in this phase, i believe that if she will quit smoking, she will die soon, because this became part of her body.

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