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Thread: It's all about diet

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    It's all about diet

    We have debated time and time again here in the forum about vegetarian diet vs. meat diet or vegan diet or microbiotic diet (which is the one I prefer, which means you eat as far away genetically from yourself... basically no mammals). I ain't no cannibal.

    BUT this is not the point of this thread. Diet is much more. In my opinion it is not enough to stick to a certain diet and think that will sort you out.

    What is your media diet? What is your culture diet? What is your friend diet?

    For example:

    - I do not eat anything on TV and try to avoid as much as I can films and tv-series (that I watch through the Internet) that are too "shallow" or "empty" or most important "fear propaganda")... in other words media that is LOW in nutrition.

    - I don't like the taste of negative people, and such people will never be allowed even close to my inner circle.

    - I don't like drugs that create dependence like caffeine, nicotine and sugar and I am hard at work trying to elliminate these drugs... harder drugs I never do.

    Etc etc.

    Above is just superficial examples (according to my own tastes), my point is everything in life is a dietary choice.

    Maybe by looking at everything as part of ones diet, maybe then it is easier to create a good (and mentaly healthy) meal.

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