Hi Chrysa Lead

The many years of "Ora" before you began with the Labora must have given
you a very solid foundation for The Work, possibly the reason why your
evolution is now moving so quickly ?

Originally Posted by Chrysa Lead

Since I drank an elixir I got by my Labora, I have new kind of experiences of materialization : by "sounds".

Are you still drinking your elixir ?

If so .... have you tried adjusting the "posology" to see if it may enhance these
phenomena that you are experiencing ?

It must be very exciting for you to get answers to your questions and being
able to sleep-in knowing you won't be late for your appointments.

Originally Posted by Chrysa Lead

To work alone without a true oral transmission is a trap where we all are falling in when we are starting our journey.
I wish you to find the right person to allow you to make "the" step.
I have my fingers crossed and I'm praying for some Divine Intervention !!!

Thank you Catherine it's always good to hear what you have to share.

So many possibilities ......