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Thread: The power of materialization/transmutation with the mind

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiorionis View Post
    Which reminds me of the 'Miracle of the Mango Tree', in which a Yogi made manifest the whole tree from it's seed in a matter of hours.
    Oh... I hadn´t heard about "The Miracle of the Mango Tree"... I would investigate too, but i heard of the power of "fakirs". They can accelerate the growth of a seed...
    There are a few stories of fakirs accelerate the growth of a seed in the book of Papus: "traité méthodique de magie pratique" or "Tratado elemental de magia practica"

    Thank you for the info Kiorionis!!!

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    About the materialization... I read that in the Philadelphia experiment (Montauk project) John Von Neumann worked in some kind of machine... He could save thoughts in a computer and then materialize them... It sounds like 3D printer...
    I dont have the sources where I read that text, and I dont know if it was real or dont...

    Does anybody knows about this?

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    I am currently on this subject. Materialization and transmutation are the same for me. The most important factor behind successful results is the thought, an intention behind it. If you working with harmony to natural law - "all obscurity will flee from you" . I think that this is the true reason behind Emerald Tablet hidden meaning.
    This must be a simple mechanics of it. If nothing is existing and everything become from ones contemplation, then mine contemplation is creation of everything as well. It's quite logical.

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    I've always been pretty lucky, in that, even without a good background in magic, I've always had the ability to pray, and receive what I want.

    Just yesterday, my friend of 13 years who is a complete nutcase, followed me to my town, moved here about 4 weeks ago and has been giving me grief. So I asked God (Jesus) to please take him away. Bang, he flips his car and crashes into two other cars, drunk as a skunk, and gets locked up. THE BERY SAME DAY!

    Is this a coincidence?
    Is it because of my prayer?
    Are their multiply factors of which my prayer was only a part?

    I think it's likely to be the last one.

    I also did a hermetic meditation last night about growing closer with my wife. We then had the most amazing sex and she's been really nice to me ever since.

    The power of the mind... it's real.
    Join me; on a voyage of stupidity, and self discovery:

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    In terms of materialisation seeing a genii in the triangle of art or shewstone or mirror is visible but not necessarily material. Decades ago my first work at what could be called materialising things was about the acquisition of pussy using chaos magic techniques and was surprisingly effective and got me interested in magic more broadly. Things happening which could be coincidence or entities which are visible but not solidly material are I think different to these other examples given. I think the pinnacle of materialisation is the stone of the wise to which we all aspire in different ways and these other things are just cantrips and parlour tricks.

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