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Thread: Brief Introduction and White Powder Gold Question.

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    Dec 2016

    I completely agree with you. I was just eager to get there as the amount i was spending on commercial gold elixirs made the pursuit seem like an appropriate application of my time. However i should have started with a more economical metal.

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    The biggest problem I foresee here is that you have nothing to extract the Sulfur, or do you intend to injest the calx?

    After all those pH swings, if say it was time to extract.

    Unless you intend to consume the calx, in which case, brick red is pretty well broken up from what I know.

    Love to hear about your results. Good luck.
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    Jan 2017
    Years ago I was at a lecture which had the late Laurance Guardner as a guest speaker. He stated that he could make this white powder of gold using a DC electric ark and 24K gold. He held up a tube filled with white powder and claimed it had been a 24k Canadian maple just the day before.

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