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Thread: Material used for lute?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDP View Post
    Maybe the graphite is impure and this is why it turns of a lighter color after heating. Pure graphite should not change color with heat (it's just a form of carbon.)
    That's possible, though I got it from a factory that ONLY sells graphite in different forms (they didn't sell it at the ceramic shop)... the one I got was powdered graphite for industrial use... allegedly "pure".
    Then the non-pure graphite did the trick for me, though I am not talking here about a complex alchemical process, but simply heating the powder I had.
    The good news for me is that the non-pure graphite is easily available for me... the bad news is that if pure powdered graphite is not meant to react in that way, then I have no idea of what they sold me... thus it would be quite hard to replicate the results unless someone gets the same "impure graphite" that I got.

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    Thanks for your help! It helped me alot!

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