This painting, attributed to the late-16th/early-17th century Italian painter Filippo Napoletano, is not as well known as those of Teniers, van Ostade, Bega, Wijck, van der Straet, etc.:

I stumbled upon it accidentally while looking for something else. The painting does indeed seem to have his style, so the attribution is probably correct. If so, then it seems like Filippo had visited some alchemical/chymical labs of his times and committed the images he saw there to canvas.

Notice the spare big glass "ampullae" or cucurbits under the work table to the right of the operator pumping air with a bellows into the forge (where another operator has placed a crucible in midst of the blast of fire.) By comparing the size of all such vessels we see around this lab to that of the humans, they look anywhere around 3 to 6 liters in capacity. It looks like these guys were doing many distillations and/or digestions and used a lot of these large glasses.