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Thread: Ripley Scroll (toads and dragons and fairy tales)

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    That's along the lines with how I saw the pictures, thinking of them as a reflux. I've done something similar by busting the stem of martini glasses to place over large wide-mouth jars.

    Your words, as I've come to expect from observing this forum, are full of wisdom, and bits of the process reflect some things that I've tried or considered while working with plant matter. And the process of fixing a "too much water" mistake I can kind of resonate with, though I'm sure their experiments were way beyond my current process in the vegetable kingdom. I'll be thinking about this "special water" today. I noticed something in a preparation I'm making that's similar to the description of the "white" carrying the "red," and I have no desire to separate them as, if prepared correctly, they should already be in their most perfect proportions. I doubt I have enough to make 9 portions though, lol, maybe enough to fill a shot glass, but I was planning to add my "portions" via an eyedropper. It's a tiny experiment.

    I also need to look up Ibn Umail. I've been reading Geber, and would like to learn more about the Arabic alchemists.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dragon's Tail View Post
    the process of fixing a "too much water" mistake I can kind of resonate with
    Another technique is to carry out the digestion in a retort with reciever. The earth will absorb the water in small amou ts and the rest is vapoured off into the reciever. I've also done this with an alembic, but the moisture distills too quickly.
    Art is Nature in the flask; Nature is a vial thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDP View Post
    In the days before rubber stoppers, ground glass joints and condensers, one of the techniques often used to make a "reflux" (or "digestion/digesting" in the old lingo) apparatus was simply to attach an inverted flask/phial to the mouth of the digesting flask.

    This series of pictures with the digesting flasks obviously shows the "feeding" or "watering" of the "earth" with the separated portions of "water". According to the technique of the more ancient method (explained very well by Arabic alchemists like Ibn Umail), the "water" was prepared in a manner that carried the "soul", "tincture" or "sulphur" in its "inside", no separation of the two was made (in fact, it was strongly discouraged by the older alchemists to make such a separation, they considered such a thing detrimental.) The "water" (white on the "outside" but red in the "inside") was then usually divided into 9 parts, and the "earth" was gradually (not all at once, since it could "drown" the "earth" and make it very tedious and long in order to coagulate the "water" with it) given 3 portions of the "water" to make the white Stone (the remaining 6 parts were used for making the red Stone.) In the later medieval method, a separation between the white "water" and the red "tincture/sulphur/soul" was made, and each in its turn used to make the white & red Stones.
    I have to agree with your assessment of the Arabic alchemists saying that the "water" was prepared in a manner that carried the "soul", "tincture" or "sulphur" in its "inside." It is what I've seen in my lab experiments over many years and repetitions of the process upon various forms of biomass.

    The Water, Our Blessed Water carries the red soul within it. Some say that red soul is heavy in Elemental Fire. That matter appears to be a water soluble ruby red oil that can be desiccated into a red powder that can be rehydrated back into an oil.

    The water in question is not "water of the clouds" as Hollandus calls it. It is water created in the dry distillation at the same time that Elemental Fire and Air are created. It is all mixed in a micro particle vapor stream along with our crude mercury and sulfur. It all ends up together in a stinking foul chaos in the receiver.

    The problem is there is almost an endless number of ways to purify and recombine these philosophical elements. Kelly leans toward digesting them together. Hollandus indicates to separate them then purify. Ripley discusses both ways. Hollandus' vegetable stone from dry herbs seems to be similar to Ripleys White Stone or the Stone of the Poor.

    My focus now is on the saturation of this blessed Water with the Red Soulfire and Armoniac. One small drop will eat through stainless steel. The hypothesis I'm testing is the White Stone is made with the Blessed Water without being saturated with Red Soulfire, other than the trace naturally in it from the dry distillation. I've made that dry Stone and it is an amazing medicine. How to work the red soulfire extracted from the crude sulfur ultimately into the red stone is where I'm at now. So many ways to proceed so many years spent experimenting and so many more to go it seems.

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