For those of you who have seen James Cameron's film Avatar you might have, like I did, notice that the indigenous of Pandora had a blue skin very much like the gods of Hinduism when they walked among humans in human form (in their avatars).

The word avatar means:
- a manifestation of a deity or released soul in bodily form on earth; an incarnate divine teacher.

- an incarnation, embodiment, or manifestation of a person or idea.

- an icon or figure representing a particular person in a video game, Internet forum, etc.

We have on more than on one occasion discussed the VR qualities of reality, or used computer terminology to explain reality (code, algorithm etc).

Perhaps the major difference between a Messiah/Buddha and a human is that the former is knowingly aware of his/her Avatar form, whereas the human believes he/she is the Avatar form.

For me this idea is very helpful to me (and perhaps to others), because as we have also discussed it is impossible to speak or write the "invisible language"... true knowing can only be experience... not really told. But if we come up with a contemporary metaphor, or an image, is a lot easier to comprehend.

In this forum my avatar is "dev"... and this is the person that all of you know. If you ever talk about me to someone else that is not part of this forum, you might say: "...the other day this guy called dev on Alchemy Forums said this or that..." But you are not talking about the person that is behind "dev". This person is totally unknown to you (apart from those I have met in real life - but pretend you have not for the sake of this argument). The "man" behind "dev" is in a sense a mystery to you (just as you all are a mystery to me). "dev" is an Avatar.

Of course this is what "real" life is as well. We are all avatars, but we have forgot that we are. And even those that understand that we are avatars, they still cannot do much about it... because there is a difference in knowing something and knowing.

I am sure most of this is nothing new to a lot of you (because we have touched upon this stuff a lot), but maybe it can provide another spark to the debate.

In the film Avatar the hero spends more and more time in his avatar, because Pandora is such a wonderful place, because he loves someone there and because he is not in a wheelchair. In a sense he becomes addicted to living in the avatar. At the end of the film he shuts off the connection with the avatar-machine and uploads himself to the avatar body completely.

This is probably what humans did before we were born. Some because they were addicted to the avatar program. Others because they had never played the game. And others because they need to, like taking a summer course.

At death we leave our avatar behind. Just as I leave the "dev"-avatar behind when I log out of the forums.