Thanks guys.
I understand that to begin the Magnum Opus one requires the Prima Materia. (Mostly thanks to GL and Andros links and insights) I do believe I have discovered the mineral/metal that is not a mineral/metal, as well as followed it's relationship with gold and by consequence its necessary coagulation of SM. I have followed this rabbit hole to the point of understanding how this (non)mineral/metal is related to the (non)Magnet.

As it happens, my local area is basically saturated with this (non)Magnet. It stains the hands a red/gold/yellow. Children play with it, it was used in face paint and make up since the earliest known times of man. Therefore it is readily at hand, both child and womans work, not only do people pass it by and scorn it, they pay no attention to it whatsoever beyond its most immediate and vulgar use as applied via the common or puffers fire.

I would be willing to share my chain of thoughts about this identification with someone I deem to know at least as much as myself. Preferably far more. My issue is I cannot currently fathom how this (non)Magnet could be dissolved or anything else that allegedly occurs within Our True Alkehest.

In some possibly related experiments, following my understanding of several readings of the Mutus Liber and the Golden Chain of Homer I have 3 separate vessels currently incubating 3 separate versions of what I hope (at least one) will be the method of collecting Lunar Salts.

Any comments, insights, roadsigns, maps, gates, keys, names of useful ally spirits to drop receive a million points and blessings for a thousand generations of descendants!

Lux Fiat et Lux Fit

(Taken from my introduction thread at the gentle nudging of Andro)