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Thread: Difference between Alkahest and the Universal Mercury (SM).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andro View Post
    Perhaps ironically, this is entirely correct for what is referred to as 'Spiritus Mundi' as well. It IS tangible, 'real', visible, it can be manipulated and investigated at will.

    Maybe 'captured' is not the BEST word choice. It is in fact 'extracted'. But then again, when we perform a common distillation, the distillate is also 'captured' in the receiver flask.

    In many ways, it is not so different from more 'specified' spirits extracted by various means from their containing matters, like Alcohol (Spirit of Wine), for example.

    Perhaps what is difficult to understand for the more scientific/empirical mind is that this more 'Universal' Spirit can also be extracted (in an extremely pure state) by highly unconventional means, which would not make much sense (or any sense at all) to the scientifically oriented mind. Although this presents us with with certain difficulties of semantics and communication, this does NOT make it a 'fantasy' or a 'speculation'. It is a FACT.

    A number of people on this forum are extracting this Spirit from various holding matrix/matrices, by various means and methods, some more 'conventional' and some highly 'unconventional'. Still, the FACT remains that these people are working with a very tangible substance, which does indeed have some interesting and rather 'exotic' properties and can be tested, manipulated, investigated, etc... It is NOT an 'imaginary substance', no more than the classical 'Spirit of Wine' (alcohol) is an 'imaginary substance'.

    As an example: Has anyone here ever fully and properly performed/completed the entire Archeus of Water? (a rather tedious and time-consuming procedure)

    The most subtle fractions eventually start displaying quite exotic, unusual and unconventional properties, even if the Archaeus is performed in the traditional manner of distillation (and not in the more so-called 'philosophical' ways).

    DO try this at home.

    Perhaps it might help us exit this hamster wheel.
    No, what you are referring to are not "facts" but theories and speculations about things these people might be obtaining and ASSUMING it is this suppositious "Spiritus Mundi" that's behind it all, which is a very different thing. What people like this are doing is very similar to what many a chymist and chemist of the 18th century did with the concept of "phlogiston": they too were handling and experimenting with very real substances but they were ASSUMING that this UNSEEN AND NEVER PROVEN mysterious "thing" they called "phlogiston" was behind the phenomena they were investigating. Today we know that they weren't observing any effects of this supposed "principle" of combustion and what was really going on was quite different than they thought was happening. That doesn't mean that what these chymists/chemists were doing was not real, it just means that their INTERPRETATION of the observed phenomena was mistaken. When they set substances on fire or calcined metals in furnaces and then weighed and investigated the byproducts, they were carrying out very real operations, it is what they thought was happening that was mistaken. They simply assumed that this speculative "phlogiston" was behind it all, just like the people who think that this equally UNSEEN AND NEVER PROVEN "Spiritus Mundi" must be behind what they are doing. This brings us back to an old fundamental topic: empirical facts vs theories/speculations/conjectures trying to "explain" them. Not the same thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Axismundi000 View Post
    Your suggestion about using Aqua Regia to make a red powder is interesting and part of what I was considering. To briefly explain I was thinking Aqua Regia to give auric acid and then acetic acid to give gold acetate as follows:

    Au + HNO3 + 4HCl = HAuCl4 + NO + 2H2O
    HAuCl4 + 3CH3COOH = Au(CH3COO)3 + 4HCl
    Decant HCl and gently dry as well as the gold acetate definately outdoors if no lab facilities for fumes to get all the acetate.
    This sounds like an unlikely reaction. Acetic acid is a weaker acid than hydrochloric acid, so it will probably not displace it from its combination with gold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elixirmixer View Post
    The Archeus is an entertaining idea. The water's Quintessence.
    Not the water's specifically. The most of the most subtle fraction of the distilled spirit (in this case - Archaeus - distilled in the traditional way), is not particular to any matter.

    Dew and rainwater have more of this fraction than other waters (like tap water).

    There has been an actual scientific experiment where they have chemically recreated the exact composition of rainwater, an exact replica.

    Upon testing, such as watering plants, grass, etc - the exact chemical replica performed very poorly compared to the 'real' rainwater. There is 'something' in natural rainwater that isn't present in its chemically recreated counterpart. This 'special something' is most likely to be carefully separated as the most subtle and volatile fraction during the Archaeus process. But like Axis said, you have to use water that has enough of it in the first place... Dew, spring rain, etc... It would qualify as a sort of Universal Mercury (not an Alkahest) - the difference between which USED TO BE the topic of this thread before it got hijacked and trolled into oblivion.

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    I think Alkahest is what others call Azoth

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    Quote Originally Posted by Visceral View Post
    Back on topic,

    Is the Alekehest the same as the Universal Solvent? Is the stone itself considered the true solvent as its transmutation powers should apply to any and everything?

    Quote Originally Posted by "Ma al-Waraqi" by Ibn Umail al-Tamimi, 900
    "Mariya also said: The Water which I have mentioned is an Angel and descends from the sky, and the earth accepts it on account of its (the earth's) moistness. The water of the sky is held by the water of the earth, and the water of the earth acts as its servant, and its Sand serves for the purpose of honouring it. Both the waters are gathered together and the Water holds the Water. The Kiyan (Vital Principle) holds the Kiyan and the Kiyan is whitened by the Kiyan. She meant by this the coction of the Soul with the Spirit until both mix and are thoroughly cooked together and become a single thing like Marble.

    As for her statement regarding the Angel, she meant by this the Divine Water which is the Soul. She named it Angel because it is spiritual, and because that Water has risen from the earth to the sky of the Birba. And as for her statement, the Water descends from the sky, she meant by this its return to Earth; and this Angel which she mentioned I shall explain to you in another way so that you may be aware of both explanations— if Allah will! She meant by this the child which they said will be born in the Air while Conception had taken place in the Lower region; this being through the Higher Celestial Strength which the water has gained by its absorption of the Air. Regarding this, Hermes said: 'The strength of the Highest and the Lowest will be found in it'.

    They name this Water also The Rain which Revives the Lower World; and by all this is to be understood the Pure Silvery Water which is the Gold of the Sages. The Excellent Master, Hermes, named it the Good of many names.

    Quote Originally Posted by "The Secret Book Of Artephius", 1150
    The whole, then, of this antimonial secret is, that we know how by it to extract or draw forth argent vive, out of the body of Magnesia, not burning, and this is antimony, and a mercurial sublimate. That is, you must extract a living and incombustible water, and then congeal, or coagulate it with the perfect body of sol, i.e., fine gold, without alloy; which is done by dissolving it into a mature white substance of the consistency of cream, and made thoroughly white. But first this sol by putrefaction and resolution in this water, loseth all its light and brightness, and will grow dark and black; afterwards it will ascend above the water, and by little and little will swim upon it, in a substance of a white color. And this is the whitening of red laton to sublimate it philosophically, and to reduce it into its first matter; viz. into a white incombustible sulphur, and into a fixed argent vive. Thus the perfect body of sol, resumeth life in this water; it is revived, inspired, grows, and is multiplied in its kind, as all other things are. For in this water, it so happens, that the body compounded of two bodies, viz. sol and luna, is puffed up, swells, putrefies, is raised up, and does increase by the receiving from the vegetable and animated nature and substance.

    Our water also, or vinegar aforesaid, is the vinegar of the mountains, i.e. of sol and luna; and therefore it is mixed with gold and silver, and sticks close to them perpetually; and the body receiveth from this water a white tincture, and shines with inestimable brightness. Who so knows how to convert, or change the body into a medicinal white gold, may easily by the same white gold change all imperfect metals into the best or finest silver. And this white gold is called by the philosophers "luna alba philosophorum, argentum vivum album fixum, aurum alchymiae, and fumus albus" (white philosophical silver, white fixed mercury, alchemical gold and white fume): and therefore without this our antimonial vinegar, the aurum album of the philosophers cannot be made. And because in our vinegar there is a double substance of argentum vivum, the one from antimony, and the other from mercury sublimated, it does give a double weight and substance of fixed argent vive, and also augments therein the native color, weight, substance and tincture thereof.

    Our dissolving water therefore carries with it a great tincture, and a great melting or dissolving; because that when it feels the vulgar fire, if there be in it the pure and fine bodies of sol or luna, it immediately melts them, and converts them into its white substance such as itself is, and gives to the body color, weight, and tincture. In it also is a power of liquefying or melting all things that can be melted or dissolved; it is a water ponderous, viscous, precious, and worthy to be esteemed, resolving all crude bodies into their prima materia, or first matter, viz. earth and a viscous powder; that is into sulphur, and argentum vivum. If therefore you put into this water, leaves, filings, or calx of any metal, and set it in a gentle heat for a time, the whole will be dissolved, and converted into a viscous water, or white oil as aforesaid. Thus it mollifies the body, and prepares for liquefaction; yea, it makes all things fusible, viz. stones and metals, and after gives them spirit and life. And it dissolves all things with an admirable solution, transmuting the perfect body into a fusible medicine, melting, or liquefying, moreover fixing, and augmenting the weight and color.

    Work therefore with it, and you shall obtain from it what you desire, for it is the spirit and soul of sol and luna; it is the oil, the dissolving water, the fountain, the Balneum Mariae, the praeternatural fire, the moist fire, the secret, hidden and invisible fire. It is also the most acrid vinegar, concerning which an ancient philosopher saith, I besought the Lord, and he showed me a pure clear water, which I knew to be the pure vinegar, altering, penetrating, and digesting. I say a penetrating vinegar, and the moving instrument for putrefying, resolving and reducing gold or silver into their prima materia or first matter. And it is the only agent in the universe, which in this art is able to reincrudate metallic bodies with the conservation of their species. It is therefore the only apt and natural medium, by which we ought to resolve the perfect bodies of sol and luna, by a wonderful and solemn dissolution, with the conservation of the species, and without any destruction, unless it be to a new, more noble, and better form or generation, viz. into the perfect philosopher's stone, which is their wonderful secret or arcanum.

    Now this water is a certain middle substance, clear as fine silver, which ought to receive the tinctures of sol and luna, so as they may be congealed, and changed into a white and living earth. For this water needs the perfect bodies, that with them after the dissolution, it may be congealed, fixed, and coagulated into a white earth.

    Quote Originally Posted by "Radix Mundi" by Roger Bacon, 1292
    In the same manner of Sol which is our Sulphur, being reduced into Mercury by Mercury, which is the Viscous Water made thick, and mixt with its proper Earth, by a temperate decoction and digestion, ariseth the Vapour or Cloud, agreeing in nature and substance with that in the Bowels of the Earth. This afterwards is turned into most subtil water, which is called the Soul, Spirit, and Tincture, as we shall hereafter shew.

    When this Water is returned into the Earth (out of which it was drawn) and every way spreads through or is mixed with it, as its proper Womb, it becomes fixed. Thus the Wise man does that by Art in a short time which Nature cannot perform in less than the Revolution of a Thousand Years.

    Quote Originally Posted by "An Excellent Introduction To The Art Of Alchemy", by Peter Bonus, 1338
    The elements of our Art, then, are the humid and the dry, i.e., water and earth. In water there is enclosed air, and in earth fire. But the radical element from which all others are derived, is humidity, or water, that is, liquefaction, or, according to others, earth. We may reconcile the two views by stating, on the authority of Empedocles, that when water is thickened, it becomes earth: earth floats upon the waters, and is founded upon the waters, as we learn from Morienus and Hermes.

    Quote Originally Posted by "Twelve Gates" by George Ripley, 1471
    But here you must another secret know,
    How the Philosophers child in the air is born,
    Busy you not to blow at the coal too fast,
    And take this neither for mockery or scorn,
    But trust me truly, else is all your work forlorn,
    Without your earth with water be revived,
    Our true congealing you shall never see.

    A soul it is, being betwixt heaven and earth,
    Arising from the earth as air with water pure,
    And causing life in every lively thing,
    Incessant running upon our four fold nature,
    Enforcing to better them with all its cure,
    Which air is the fire of our Philosophy,
    Named now oil, now water mystically.

    And by this means air which we call oil or water,
    Our fire, our ointment, our spirit, and our Stone,
    In which one thing we ground our wisdoms all,
    Goes neither in nor out alone,
    Nor the fire but the water anon.
    First it leads out, and after it brings in,
    As water with water, which will not lightly twin.

    Quote Originally Posted by "Confession Of Trithemius", 1507
    God is an essential and hidden fire, which dwells in all things and chiefly in Man. From this fire everything is engendered. It engenders them and will for ever engender them; and what is engendered is the the true Divine Light; which exists from all eternity.

    God is a Fire; but no Fire can burn, no Light can manifest itself in Nature without the presence of Air to maintain the combustion; thus the Holy Spirit should act within us as a Divine Air or Breath (Ruach), causing a breath to spring from the Divine Fire upon the interior Fire of the heart so that the Light may appear, for the Light must be fed by fire, and this Light is love, bliss and joy in the eternal Divinity. This Light is JESUS, who emanates for all eternity from JEHOVAH. Whoever does not possesseth Light within him is plunged into a fire without light; but if this light is within him, then the CHRIST is in him, is incarnate within him, and he will know the Light as it exists in Nature.

    All things we behold are interiorly fire and light, in which is hidden the essence of the Spirit. All things are a Trinity of fire, light and air. In other words, the Spirit (the Father) is a superessential light; the Son is the Light manifested; the Holy Spirit is a moving Breath, divine and superessential.

    All things have been made by the power of the Divine Word; which is the Spirit or Divine Breath emanated from the beginning from the Divine fountain. This Breath is the Spirit or Soul of the World and is called Spiritus Mundi. It was, at first, like air, then condensed to a nebulous fog and finally transmuted itself into water. This water was at first spirit and life, because it was impregnated and vivified by the Spirit. Darkness filled the abyss, but by the emission of the Word, the Light was engendered, the darkness was illuminated by the Light, and the Soul of the World was born.

    This spiritual Light which we call Nature or Soul of the World is a spiritual body which may be rendered visible and tangible by alchemical processes; but as it is naturally invisible, it is called Spirit. It is a living universal fluid differed throughout Nature, and which penetrates everything. It is the most subtle of all substances; the most powerful, by reason of its inherent qualities. It penetrates every body and determines the forms in which it displays its activity. By its action, it frees the forms from all imperfection; it makes the impure pure, the imperfect perfect and the mortal immortal by its indwelling. This essence or Spirit emanated from the beginning from the Center and incorporated it self with the substance which the Universe is formed. It is the "Salt of the Earth", and without its presence the plant would not grow, nor the field becomes green and the more this essence is condensed, concentrated and coagulated in the forms, the more stable they become.

    It is the most subtle of all substances. This Spirit is obtained in the same way as it is communicated to the earth by these stars and this is performed by means of the Water which serves as a vehicle to it. It is not the Philosopher's Stone, but this may be prepared from it by fixing the volatile. I advise you to pay great attention the boiling of the Water; do not let your spirit be troubled about things of less importance. Make it boil slowly, then let it putrefy until it has attained the fitting color, for the Water of Life contains the germ of wisdom. In boiling the Water will transform itself into Earth. This Earth will change into a pure crystalline fluid; which will produce a fine red Fire and this Water and this Fire, reduced to a single Essence, produce the great Panacea composed of sweetness and strength - the Lamb and the Lion united.

    Quote Originally Posted by "Chemical Aphorisms" by Franciscus Mercurius van Helmont, 1582
    Alchemy is the perfect knowledge of whole Nature and Art, about the Kingdom of Metals.

    The parts of Alchymy are two, The Theory, and the Practice. For, seeing that Art can do nothing about Metals except it imitate Nature, it is necessary that the Knowledge of Nature should precede the Knowledge of Art. Alchymy therefore in respect of the Theory is a Science whereby the Beginnings, Causes, Properties and Passions of all the Metals are radically known; that those which are imperfect, incompleat, mixt and corrupt, may be transmuted into true Gold.

    The Matter of Metals is either remote or proximate. The Remote is the Rayes of the Sun and Moon by whose Concourse all Natural Compounds are produced. The Proximate is Sulfur and Argent-vive, or the Rayes of the Sun and the Moon determined to a Metallick Production, under the form of certain humid, unctious, and viscous Substance.

    In the Union of this Sulfur and Argent-vive consisteth the form of Metals. Nature only effecteth this Union in the bowels of the Earth by a temperate heat.

    The Union of this Water immediatelly flow forth two Properties of Passions common to all the Metals, Fusibility and Extensibility. It is necessary to resolve it into a matter like to that, of which Nature hath most nearly produced it. For naturally there is no new Generation made without a previous Corruption. And seeing that common Gold, as we said above, hath its nearest rise from an unctious and viscious Humidity, it is manifest that it cannot be made more than perfect except it be first resolved into such its first matter.

    Therefore to resolve common Gold into a humid, unctious and viscous substance, there is required an humid, unctious, and viscous Agent. Not any one, but one that is homogeneous, and of the same Nature with Gold: such a one as hath eminently the form of Gold, or may obtain it by a new Specification and Determination, when it particularly insinuateth itself into common Gold.

    Quote Originally Posted by "The Secret Of The Liquor Alkahest" by Philalethes, 1683
    Question. What is the Alkahest?

    Answer. It is a Catholick and Universal Menstruum, and, in a Word, may be called Ignis-Aqua, a Fiery-Water, an uncompounded and immortal ens which is penetrative, resolving all things unto their first Liquid Matter, nor can anything resist its Power, for it acts without any reaction from the Patient: nor doth it suffer from anything but its Equal by which it is brought into Subjection; but after it hath dissolved all other things it remains entire in its former Nature, and is of the same Virtue after a thousand Operations as at the first.

    Quote Originally Posted by "The Quintessence Of The Philosophers" by Theodorus Mundanus, 1683
    Out of these Mountains of Salt (the Philosophers striking the Rock) flows a perpetual and copious River of an unctuous fat Water which moistens the whole Mountains, neither can it ever be dried by the heat of the Sun or exhausted by any Rivers which can flow from them.

    This Water, from the Abundance of gold which it carries in its Streams deserves the highest praises and commendations of the Philosophers, much greater than TAGNS and PARTOLUS the sublime encomiums of the Poets; neither is it improperly and undeservedly Termed an Ocean because it is diffused through all things as it is the Radical Moisture of all the concretes of the Universe.

    You may fitly and Ingeniously enough call it the Mediterranean Sea because it passes through the Center of our Earth, or Salt Mountain; the possession of this vast Sea is esteemed of great moment by the Philosophers, therefore it is counted by them of the highest price.

    Quote Originally Posted by "Aphorisms Of Urbigerus", 1690
    If the Caput Mortuum has not the Magnetic Quality in attracting the Spiritus Mundi into itself from the Astrums, it is a sign, that at time end of the Distillation of the red Oil the outward fire was so violent, as quite to burn up the Magnet, which is contained in the first Feces of our Mercurial Water.

    The above-mentioned Spiritus Mundi is a great Menstruum in extracting of Tinctures out of Metals, Minerals, Animals, and Vegetables, and in performing great things in the Art volatilizing all fixed Bodies, and principally Gold.

    The Quality of our Mercurial Water: being to volatilize all fixed Bodies, and to fix all those that are volatile fixing itself with those that are fixed, according to the Proportion of it, dissolving its own Body, it unites inseparably with it, conserving always its own Qualities and Properties, and receives no Augmentation from any other created thing, but only from its crude Body. Our Mercurial Water has such a sympathy with the Astrums, that, if it is not kept very close, and Hermetically sealed, it will in a very short time, like a winged Serpent, fly away in a wonderful manner to its own Sphere, carrying along with it all the Elements and Principles of Metals, and not leaving so much as one single drop, or the least remainder, behind.

    Although we use our Mercury simplex in the Extraction of its own Soul out of its Body, and for the Clarification of the latter; yet, since it is a philosophical and perpetual Menstruum, it loses nothing of its connatural Prerogatives, nor does in the least diminish in Quantity, being our true Alkahest, as Paracelsus is pleased to call it.

    Quote Originally Posted by "The Book Of Abraham The Jew", 1735
    Take the Mineram Saturni... the same with the Salt in a B.M. or in Horse-dung, the B.M. however must be constant, and for so long till only the Salt itself changes into an Oily, unctuous Liquor and separates from all uncleanness... ...Distill the Water again therefrom till it turns to a powder; place this in a closed glass in the Fire, and so the Phyton will fly and leave the Sol, as a not solid Earth, quite open and porous. This Earth sweeten several times with clean water, and dry it, of such a powder take a half shekel heavy, and from the above liquor or Lapide Alkahest 4 shekels heavy, rub it in a glass of Acures together, and put it in an Alingel, seal it up, that nothing can come in; place the vessel in the furnace, and give it Algir Fire, till it flows together to a red stone or powder.

    Dear brethren with this can you also do wonders, for it transmutes all known metals into Sol.

    When you also have the above Universal Mercury, which you have prepared out of the Volatile snake and the fixed, poured on the Albaon, so in the end such is green.

    For there lies in such the life of all metals and minerals as the right key, and this concentrated Spiritus Mundi, can in all things be used in exaltations virtutia Elixiris de prolongandum vitam.

    For Heaven and Earth are preserved through this. This is the right green Alazagi, with which one can do wonders, as I already before taught, and will show afterwards in the proper place.

    Quote Originally Posted by "Chemical Moonshine" by Johan Friedrich Fleischer, 1739
    The General Rules borrowed from Sendivogius, Together with the Verse.
    Four Elements: Fire, Air, Water, Earth --- from God.
    Three Beginnings: Sulphur, Salt, Mercury --- from Nature.
    Two Seeds: Masculine, Feminine --- from the Metals.
    One Fruit: Tincture --- through Art.
    Who understands this table correctly
    Sees how one goes from out of the other.
    First everything dwells in a 4-fold state
    The elements everywhere.

    Out of this the 3 Beginnings spring.
    Which bring forth two Sexes.
    Masculine, feminine from Sun and Moon.

    Out of which grows the Wise Son:
    Who is like nothing else in the world
    He surpasses all Kingdoms.
    Now it is known to man, that God in this great Cosmos had given a living Spirit to all creatures, to maintain, multiply and to nourish themselves. This Spirit they have not only in themselves, but they are supported also by the heavenly Influence: This Spirit is Man’s true Balsam and Mumia, and State of Wisdom, whereby He is discerned by all creatures, or being different from all creatures. Also this Spirit and Vita Mundi is the true Balsam of Nature and Quintessence.

    Quote Originally Posted by "A New Method Of Chemistry" by Boerhaave, 1753
    The Alcahest of Paracelsus transmutes all the bodies in nature by subtilizing them: for, when bodies are subtilized as high as possible, they at length change to another substance, but retain their seminal properties: and by means of the Universal Solvent all things are brought back to their Ens Primum, and retain their native virtues; whence great and unlimited powers may be obtained. And plainer still; This liquor only, can dissolve all solids into their first matter, without any diminution or alteration in itself. Whence he recommends the knowledge of that homogeneous and immutable menstruum, which dissolves its subjects into their first liquid matter; whereby the internal essences of things and their properties may be seen.

    A couple of applicable quotes here, most but not all dealing with the subject of this thread.

    Alkahest, simply put, is an ens or Fire-Water (think alcohol) which is penetrative and resolves all things into their Prima Materia or first liquid Matter. The Alkahest is our Universal Solvent. Once it has dissolved anything it remains the same Nature and is of the same virtue after a thousand operations as at the first, never reducing itself in quality or quantity.

    Elsewhere I have explained the difference between our starting Matter and our Prima Materia, or Materia Prima and Prima Materia as Salazius explains it. Andro who just yesterday gave his input, was the first person for years to attempt to explain Spiritus Mundi philosophically. Does anyone else want to provide their input as to what they think Spiritus Mundi is? ...Why is everyone still so caught up on this word!

    Spiritus Mundi is the Light of Genesis and the Word spoken of throughout Scripture.

    Spiritus Mundi means "World Spirit". Anima Mundi means "World Soul". Corpus Mundi means "World Body".

    The Universal Spirit (Spiritus Mundi) from the Universal Soul (Anima Mundi) from the Universal Body (Corpus Mundi).
    The way I conceptualize it...Keeping in mind that our Matter is simply One but at different stages of development.
    Spiritus Mundi as the Upper Light
    Anima Mundi as the Middle Medium
    Corpus Mundi as the Lower Body
    "In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth— Now the earth was formless and empty, and darkness was over the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the surface of the waters. And God said, “Let there be Light!” And there was Light. And God saw the Light, that it was good, and God caused there to be a separation between the Light and between the darkness. And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And there was evening and there was morning, the first day."
    Genesis 1:1-5

    "Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a Light to my path. I have sworn an oath and confirmed it."
    Psalm 119:105-106

    "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. This one was in the beginning with God. All things came into being through him, and apart from him not one thing came into being that has come into being. In him was life, and the life was the Light of humanity. And the Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not overcome it."
    John 1:1-5

    "I, Paul, became a minister. Now I rejoice in my sufferings on behalf of you, and I fill up in my flesh what is lacking of the afflictions of Christ, on behalf of his body which is the church, of which I became a minister, according to God’s stewardship which was given to me for you, to complete the Word of God, the Mystery which has been hidden from the ages and from the generations."
    Colossians 1:23-26

    "It escapes their notice that the heavens existed long ago and the earth held together out of water and through water by the Word of God, by means of which things the world that existed at that time was destroyed by being inundated with water. But by the same Word the present heavens and earth are reserved for fire."
    2 Peter 3:5-7

    "What was from the beginning, what we have heard, what we have seen with our eyes, what we have looked at and our hands have touched, concerning the Word of life—and the life was revealed, and we have seen and testify and announce to you the eternal life which was with the Father and was revealed to us—what we have seen and heard, we announce to you also, in order that you also may have fellowship with us, and indeed our fellowship is with the Father and with his Son Jesus Christ. And these things we write, in order that our joy may be complete. And this is the message which we have heard from him and announce to you, that God is Light and there is no darkness in him at all."
    1 John 1:1-5

    "I have written to you, fathers, because you have known the One who is from the beginning. I have written to you, young men, because you are strong, and the Word of God resides in you."
    1 John 2:14
    The word "capture" is what the majority of members here use when posting about Spiritus Mundi, when I think the word "condense" is what we should be using instead. The "Golden Chain Of Homer" (1723) aids us in visualizing this
    "We have demonstrated that the primordial Vapour, or that fire and water, are after God, the First Matter of all Things. This two-fold Vapour by inspissation is become water and this water by the action of the invisible spirit therein diffused, has begun to ferment and then to generate Matter. At first, this water was perfectly subtil and pure, but by means of the action of the inward spirit, it becomes turbid, smelled badly and thus generated Earth. It was divided into various parts. Into a Spiritual, most subtil, into a half or less subtil, into a half corporeal, and into a Body. At first it was 1 and 2, -- now it is 1, 2, and 3, likewise 4 and 5.
    1 as a simple Humidity;
    2 as a Water containing a Spirit;
    3 when it was separated into volatile, half fixt, fixt, that is, chemically speaking -- into Volatile, Acetum, Alcali; or Anima, Spirit, Corpus;
    4 when it was divided into the four so-called Elements, Fire, Air, Water, Earth;
    5 when it is by Art, assisted by Nature, formed into an indestructible fiery Quintessence.

    Bacstrom is not an authority I like to reference often, but his "Aphorisms" (1797) is extraordinary!

    Quote Originally Posted by "Aphorisms & Process" by Sigismond Bacstrom, 1797
    The Soul of Man as well as all rational Spirits (the Angels) consist according to their primitive Essence of the Spirit of the World (Spiritus Mundi) or Anima Mundi (Soul of the World) and the power of reasoning. They are Unities and most simple, and consequently in their very essence immortal.

    In the Beginning God created the Universal Spirit or the Universal Agent of Nature, the Soul of the Universe.

    This is the first emanation of Divine Light; it is a unity and immortal, capable of manifesting itself, when moved or agitated, into Light and Fire.

    It is multipliable and yet is and remains but one. It is Omnipresent and yet occupies no visible space or room, except when manifested or multiplied in its third principle, Fire. It has the power of becoming material and of returning again to universality.

    This is the subject of the Stone or Medicine of the Philosophers. The more you take this in its simple, universal, unspecified or unmarried state, the easier, simpler and greater is your work, but the more this subject is already specified the more troublesome prolix and expensive is your process.

    Our Magnet to attract it is Man, and principally (Hadamah, the Dust, Red Earth of Man), which in the months of March, April and May, the Sun in Aries and Taurus is abundantly found in the blood of a healthy man; the Spirit of the Universe during this season residing therein most abundantly, universally and unspecified.

    Hadamah signifies the first man Adam or Red Earth, which appears when the subject is dried up. In Hadamah lies concealed the blood; that precious fluid wherein dwells the Universal Spirit, attracted by inspiration, and the Dust of the Red Earth, left by itself when the Universal fire nature quits it. This Universal Fire is truly Nature.
    Ending this discussion with a quote from "Sophic Hydrolith or Water-Stone Of The Wise" is appropriate

    Quote Originally Posted by "Sophic Hydrolith"
    The importance of starting with an exact knowledge of the first or otherwise the second Matter of the Philosophical Stone has been largely dwelt upon by all writers on this subject. This Matter is found in one thing, out of which alone our Stone is prepared (although it is called by a thousand names), without any foreign admixture; and its quality, appearance, and properties have been set forth in the following manner. It is composed of three things, yet it is only one. Likewise, having been created and made of one, two, three, four, and five, it is everywhere found in one and two. They also call it the universal Magnesia, or the seed of the world, from which all natural objects take their origin. Its properties are of a singular kind; for, in addition to its marvellous nature and form, it is neither hot and dry like fire, nor cold and wet like water, nor cold and dry like earth, but a perfect preparation of all the elements. Its body is incorruptible, and is not destroyed by any of the four elements, but its properties far exceed those of the four elements, and the four qualities, like heaven and the Quintessence. With respect to its outward appearance, figure, form, and shape, they call it a stone, and not a stone; they liken it to gum and white water, and to the water of the Ocean. It is named the water of life, the purest and most blessed water, yet not the water of the clouds, or of any common spring, but a thick, permanent, salt, and (in a certain sense) dry water, which wets not the hand, a slimy water which springs out of the fatness of the earth. Likewise, it is a double mercury and Azoth which, being supported by the vapour or exudation of the greater and lesser heavenly and the earthly globe, cannot be consumed by fire. For itself is the universal and sparkling flame of the light of Nature, which has the heavenly Spirit in itself, with which it was animated at first by God, Who pervades all things, and is called by Avicenna, the Soul of the world. For as the soul lives and moves in all the members of the body, so that spirit lives and moves in all elementary creatures, and is the indissoluble bond of body and soul, the purest and most noble essence in which lie hid all mysteries in their inexhaustible fulness of marvellous virtue and efficacy. Moreover, they ascribe to it infinite Divine power and virtue when they say that it is the Spirit of the Lord who fills the Universe, and in the beginning moved upon the face of the waters. They also call it the spirit of truth that is hid in the world, and cannot be understood without the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, or the teaching of those who know it. It is found potentially everywhere, and in everything, but in all its perfection and fullness only in one thing. In short, it is a Spiritual Essence which is neither celestial nor infernal, but an aerial, pure, and precious body, in the middle between the highest and lowest, the choicest and noblest thing under heaven.

    Now when you have the substance indicated (which is in part heavenly, in part earthly, and in its natural state a mere confused chaos without certain name or colour), and know it well (for this knowledge the Sages have always accounted the principal part of this work), then you must give your whole mind to manipulating it in the proper manner. But before doing anything to it with his hands, the student should remember not to begin the preparation of this great and inscrutable arcanum before he knows well the spirit that lurks in it according to its essential qualities and properties. "With this spirit," says a certain philosopher, "you should not meddle until you first have a full and exact knowledge of it. For God is marvellous in His works, and He is not mocked."
    Through all this one learns that Spiritus Mundi is the medium or middle substance of Alchemy, itself being neither completely celestial nor completely terrestrial.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zoas23 View Post
    Again, those are your FANTASIES and PREJUDICES... and your tendency to look down on people who don't agree with you.
    Fantasies? What fantasies? Then prove that whatever I said was a fantasy.

    "Look down"? Is that what you call trying to help others avoid a long journey that leads nowhere useful? Is your definition of helping others "looking down on them"?

    Is that what you're currently doing now yourself by telling me so emphatically (not just expressed as your opinion, but presented as irrefutable fact) that everything I say are fantasies and prejudices?

    If I was trying to force others into agreeing with me, or trying to boost my pride and ego, I would be posting 10 times a day like several posters seem to like to do (or even break their comments into several sequential posts rather than in one).

    No, I'm afraid that's not my motive. You can easily check that I rarely post anymore. Help and valuable information is rarely appreciated or recognized for what it is, and is only met with insults and ridicule. So why should I even bother?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDP View Post
    This sounds like an unlikely reaction. Acetic acid is a weaker acid than hydrochloric acid, so it will probably not displace it from its combination with gold.
    Yes normally the Cl ion will react more readily than the acetic. Try it or even add some paracetic acid. You can always reclaim the gold through heat.

    I will look through later on at the vast reams of other material added here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDP View Post
    Of course you are puzzled by it, otherwise you wouldn't think it's "nonsensical". You seem to have a lot of problems following logical arguments if (...)
    There has been a discussion between the words "captured", "condensed" and "extracted"... The 3 of them make sense, the one I like the most is "captured", but I don't really have objections with the 2 other words.

    I have an objection with "puzzled" though.... "Fed up", "bored", "tired", I don't know the English word, it's not "puzzled" though.
    I have no problems in following logical arguments... I have some sort of fetish for Logic and Linguistics (I use the word "fetish" simply because I can't justify why I like such things... I guess I find them pleasant and somehow connected in an analogical way with alchemy -only in an analogical way).

    Your comments are not logical, JDP... That's the problem. I can state: "I can lift 1,000 kilos easily" and you may say: "That's impossible, the world record is 264 Kilos, go to the Olympics and get your Gold Medal if you have such bizarre fantasies". Then again, I may do it easily with a set of pulleys (anyone can do it.... even in a glass booth).

    Your comments are nonsensical because you don't see the pulley and talk about gravity and the human biology and the capability of the muscles, but never think of the pulley... which is the THING that makes it possible.

    You are not omniscient... but you gladly criticize things that you don't understand without even getting that your criticism is nonsensical... and the problem is that the REAL issue of this thread is VERY interesting for a lot of persons who ALREADY know your objections. Again, I am not into ORMUS and I don't agree with several ideas which are the main basis of that path... BUT I do not feel the need to visit each ORMUS thread and boycott it and interfere in a conversation that would be, otherwise, productive for those who are exchanging ideas and experiences.

    Quote Originally Posted by JDP View Post
    THEY HAD NO CLUE HOW TO DETECT AND MANIPULATE AT WILL INVISIBLE SUBSTANCES LIKE THE GASES THAT THEY HAD RIGHT UNDER THEIR NOSES. And yet you want to make us believe that these same people, who proved their (understandable and excusable) experimental ineptitude in this department of probing into the realm of invisible things that are found all over the place, somehow knew how to "capture" AN EVEN MORE RECONDITE, ARCANE, UNKNOWN, AND DIFFICULT TO DISCOVER AND EQUALLY INVISIBLE THING LIKE "SPIRITUS MUNDI"... go figure!
    Didn't they have the texts of Anaximander, Plotinus, Proclus? Why they wouldn't have tried to find the "hen" or "arche"?

    Quote Originally Posted by JDP View Post
    The technology available 2000 years ago would also have technically allowed them, if correctly adapted for the purpose, to capture invisible gases and try to study them, yet they did not. It is a combination of not having the most appropriate equipment for the job and a very different experimental methodology that did not allow them to achieve such things.
    They had the most appropriate equipment at hand. To be honest, my next project involves using technology that was easily available by then because it's easier that way than with the "modern" equipments. My idea is not making it using "primitive" technologies for the sake of using primitive technologies, but simply because it's easier.

    Quote Originally Posted by Illen A. Cluf View Post
    Fantasies? What fantasies? Then prove that whatever I said was a fantasy.
    Fantasy in the sense of not knowing something, but having a WRONG idea of the whole thing and criticizing the idea you have instead of the actual thing.

    Quote Originally Posted by Illen A. Cluf View Post
    "Look down"? Is that what you call trying to help others avoid a long journey that leads nowhere useful? Is your definition of helping others "looking down on them"?
    Yeah, that's a very accurate definition... I mean the one you just given. Assuming what some other persons are doing (without having any clue) and explaining them that they are wrong... In my own case, I would NEVER go to a thread created by JDP and you explaining a path that I know nothing about and claim that it's "wrong" because it does not match my experience... and make your thread a living hell with completely unrelated comments.

    We all like some things and dislike some others... I don't like DMT (or any other "narcotics" -as to use a word which can be discussed)... I do not go to every damn thread about DMT with my gospel of "Winners don't use drugs". Nor I look down on people who likes them, it is a matter of tastes.... and a matter f understanding that something that is NOT enjoyable for me is VERY enjoyable and worthy for others and that it is FANTASTIC that they can talk about it in peace and that UNDERSTANDING that they probably do not NEED my opinions on the subject at all. That my opinions would be idiotic.

    Quote Originally Posted by Illen A. Cluf View Post
    Is that what you're currently doing now yourself by telling me so emphatically (not just expressed as your opinion, but presented as irrefutable fact) that everything I say are fantasies and prejudices?
    Well, this thread is about the Spiritus Mundi that is "captured" ("condensed", "extracted", LOL... I am having some fun with the semantic discussion and that's an interesting discussion actually) and its differences with the Spiritus Mundi already acting as an Alkahest.

    What do you have to say about the Spiritus Mundi that is captured and the Spiritus Mundi acting as an Alkahest and their differences?????? That it's a fantasy? O.K... the opinion has been expressed... I never suggested that EVERYTHING that you say is fantasies, but when it comes to this VERY SPECIFIC approach to alchemy, it gets obvious that you have no idea of what you are talking about (which is FINE, I do not know every damn path either... probably nobody does!).... But you have an idea, a wrong idea, about this specific path and coming here just to repeat again and again that it's not valid is.... stupid.

    Stupid in the same way that it would be stupid from me to interfere with objections when JDP and you are talking about a path that I do not understand at all.

    Quote Originally Posted by Illen A. Cluf View Post
    No, I'm afraid that's not my motive. You can easily check that I rarely post anymore. Help and valuable information is rarely appreciated or recognized for what it is, and is only met with insults and ridicule. So why should I even bother?
    OK... What can you contribute to this specific subject? What can you contribute to the better understanding of this specific path? Help and valuable information about OTHER paths? That's the problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by zoas23 View Post
    OK... What can you contribute to this specific subject? What can you contribute to the better understanding of this specific path? Help and valuable information about OTHER paths? That's the problem.
    Right there you just proved that you don't have a clue what JDP and I have been suggesting all along. I can't waste any more time with your nonsense. Now I AM looking down on you. Sad but true.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Illen A. Cluf View Post
    Right there you just proved that you don't have a clue what JDP and I have been suggesting all along. I can't waste any more time with your nonsense. Now I AM looking down on you. Sad but true.
    Can't say I have particularly enjoyed interacting with zoas23 on occasion but the lack of substance either theoretical or practical is a fair comment. Even if JDP goes on about whether or not SM exists rather than what the thread started with he at least provides argument and supporting research. Where is the actual substance here?

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