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Thread: Newton and Alchemy

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    Newton and Alchemy

    The majority of physicists assume Newton's laws pertain to the physical. What if they pertain to the astral?

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    It is a tricky question.

    Newton belongs to an era in which the hard sciences (and I am talking about "Newton the scientist", since we all know he had a diversity of interest that go from alchemy to astrology and its relations with myths and history) worked very much in an ideal plane, which is neither the physical or "astral", simply an ideal plane.

    It is similar to Euclid, whose geometry WORKS in the physical world, but it has its "source" in an ideal world (i.e, an Euclidean point is certainly an "ideal" notion, and it's the basis of his geometry... and YET his geometry can perfectly be applied to the physical world).

    Newton was similar to Euclid... he was thinking in an "ideal" way, but his laws can easily be applied to physical objects. Well, his ideas about physics are often applied maths, but as a mathematician he was often using "ideal objects" (which are neither physical, nor astral... they simply exist in the abstract realm of maths).

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