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Thread: Brazil nuts (Newb needing some advice)

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    Brazil nuts (Newb needing some advice)

    Hey Practical Alchemists,

    I haven't posted in this section of the forum before. To be honest I have always been more interested in the spiritual side of Alchemy, but the universal law of 'as above so below', seems to have drawn me from the spiritual to the practical.

    The reason I am posting is that I have become quite fascinated with the idea of isolating selenium from organic matter, specifically Brazil nuts, so I hoped to get some advice on just that. Please bear in mind that I have not done any practical Alchemy before. I was hoping for some advise on the instruments I would need, and the processes I would need to follow. I really hope I am not asking too much, please feel free to tell me so. I was just wondering if anyone had done anything similar, or fancied helping a newb out with some advice, any advice will be fully appreciated.


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