she don't know
how i love her so with options
she prays to God morning to evening
i've been watchin' and eavesdroppin'
croppin' her picture frames to meet her highest aims
we play games but they're all poppin'
she's shockin'
guess she feels my heart stoppin'
angel dropped in to save me from death
bravely she leapt to the depths
learned to give one breath at a time
and take what was never mine: my heart
remembered what rhymes when my mind unwinds
as i stepped from the line to the plane like it's art
the man of shame restored as the garden's guardian
as i stood on the shoulders of understanding's pardon
i remembered her hardened heart
out standing in the rain
i remembered the pain when we departed
but now it feels the same one thing happenin'
i'm part of the infinite art of imagination
i've been patient
my reward is ancient DNA activation
not just a man, but the whole of creation
blame me, for i'm an entire nation of slaves
chasin' a dream in a dreamscape
in and out of the one dream to rule them all
stop robbin' Peter to pay Paul
there's no time at all, it's recreation
the days of youth, you can re-embrace them
trace them back to the truth
the soul raised them 'til the ego erased Him
better take a vacation before we go next
reconnect with Mother Nature
there's a bigger picture than pieces of paper
there's a gold that don't weigh a thing
some say it's the way of the king
i sing in octaves: ears ringin' like pieces of eight
other's call it the great art
every goldmaker made a glass vase
to contain a space for royal water
oil your mane, you spoil me vainly
i'm still the same acetic acid
Moses used to feed the golden calf with
the staff of life turned into a brass serpent
crucified in a crucible of earth and ash
ceramics pass as fine superconductors
i'm a sucker - i let her copy my math
it's her craft to attract what she wants
i'm a dunce and she's the master of class
the first shall be last and none after
- solomon levi