Hi Schmuldvich.
I was inspired to post this because some people believe there is only one right way to the Philosopher's stone,
which makes no sense if one understands what alchemy is.

I'm not sure if that's what you meant to ask me.
If you want to know where my musings come from, I learned how to "see"/perceive without the thinker/knowledge/past.
I unconditioned my mind from a lot of stuff the world gave me and told me, and started looking at the world directly for myself without pre-judice/bias.
When i did that my junk DNA memory began unfolding and speaking to me.

“I have been and still am a seeker, but I have ceased to question stars and books;
I have begun to listen to the teaching my blood whispers to me.” - Herman Hesse

Suspending memory suspends a dimension - the serpent stops swallowing its tail... the memory stops talking to itself as "the thinker"
and the witness or bare awareness/perception opens as another dimension.
Opening one dimension is like strumming a note and the octaves reverberate... one dimension makes one aware of other dimensions,
as all dimensions are relatively proportionally similar (90 degree angles).
When one stops being the personal history/memory line, then attention unfolds into the plane and one encompasses all lines.

Memory/knowledge projects itself onto the present if we do not make intentional efforts to suspend it.
So most people have no idea of the unconditioned present because they are full of knowledge/known/past.
Knowledge is a line - the present is a plane.
The present is psychological first matter and without it one cannot know/see the physical first matter...
one will only see one's thinking/memory/projections/conditioning.
This is why alchemy is revealed by God.
The most encompassing God is infinity.
Dimensions are infinite relative to each other (infinite lines in a plane, etc).

Infinity has no limit/definition... to speak of it makes one seem contradictory.
But for ages people have expressed it as a trinity/tri-unity.
I begin with one infinite no-thing (though there is no beginning).
The no-thing is consistently, homogeneously one same nothing everywhere (whereas something is conditioned by soul into variety).
From there the nothing became self-aware as "I am", and that self-awareness is an implosion/explosion/singularity...
a white hole/light, black hole/dark, singuarity... triunity.
The one no-thing had to become two/something in order to know itself as subject-object-relationship.
There's no knowledge in oneness - just being.
So that's the whole casting out Satan or Lucifer... adversary, opposition, complement.
The dimension of no-thing had to project a dimension of otherness/adversary, or something (which is light).
Adam and Eve is another dimension... the "garden"/"enclosure" which they get cast out of.

Dimensions are like a torus. so the singularity in the center "casts out" or projects (the jousting poles of the knights in Aurora Consurgens)
and that creates the vacuum on the other side/pole of the singularity.

hopefully i've answered your question