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Thread: How to destroy the Illuminati

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kibric View Post
    I didn't know that
    what country are you in
    I was thinking of moving...
    Argentina. You also get an indirect salary from the State too.
    (Indirect = the State pays to the Church and the Church pays you... and the Church pays no taxes).
    Other than that, if you are a priest it is quite easy to create a Charity Foundation without much control from the State and you can receive money from industries... and they can deduct that from their taxes (a lot of industries do it, not because they have much interest in supporting the Church, but because it's easy to say: "I can give you a million... my only condition is that you have to give me back a half of what I'm giving you").
    Last but not least, different forms of gambling are legal, but a percent of the money that the organizer of the gamble earns HAS to go to a charity (not every charity is eligible... and I think it is a 10%, but I am not sure about the percentage), in most cases this money goes to a Church-owned charity... i.e, this is typical for the TV shows which have some sort of contest with a monetary prize for the winner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elixirmixer View Post
    While every thing you have said may have some truth behind it, I believe you are talking about the "12 Magestics" or 'The illuminati' however, the masons, the rosy cross, the 12 Magestics, ALL form at the top, a capstone and this capstone is built of some extremely powerful jewish kabbalists. You don't get to control the whole world just by being greedy. You actually have to know how the world opperates on an energetic level as well.

    So I'm sorry, but this is IMO a huge underestimation of your enemy.
    I am aware that they are into Satanic mass and they perform all kinds of sick depraved activity's at these masses. They themselves as I said do not possess the power you suggest, it is a lowly form of power they have embraced, spiritually sick people "infected" with demonic forces. Their main goal from the beginning has been to bring down Europe and the former European colonies established elsewhere in the world (inc Australia). They originally started by gaining control of publishing houses and newspapers to spread their propaganda. With the invention of radio,TV and now the internet their influence on the minds of the masses has increased. They are the ones behind communism, Marxism etc. They promote themselves as being selfless and their ideology as benign but behind this they celebrate that embracing these things will result in war and destruction. Venezuela is currently reaping the benefits of embracing such political ideology....and no doubt the bankers are getting richer from Venezuelas implosion.

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    Let's get enlightened and NWO a bit clarity

    Identifying the Masons or Jews or certain peoples or categories of people as part of enlightened is a huge mistake and means they do not know what they are talking about (ie the Jewish people are not a people responsible for anything and is a people equal to others in A secular and democratic majority with its positive and negative ((And imho ALL the Jewish people have all the reasons imself for
    Defend and fight With extreme hardness for efend inself against the all medieval primitive sub human ISLAMIC TERRORIST hamas Hezbollah ISIS etc and the people jewish have all reason for made and use all the hard system of hard defence also against all Islam medioeval and integralist state iran quatar Saudi Arabia Turkey etc and imho the people jewish have all reason for attack and destroy the islam for defend him life ) so clear well this now it is only just a very very small oligarchy of the Jewish ghota which is part of the so-called illuminated

    And NB many masson and martinist etc are worthy of ordinary and good people, many of the masson in form so superficially seek and study alchemy esoterism etc.

    Therefore clear well this

    now are just olěnly the oligarchies the well-selected and well-chosen members of economic and MILITARY ELITs some tops of the various lobby and multinationals and some members of the elite world politics not that small members of the extreme scientific elites (see, for example, won Braun ex ss Head of the missile program nasa) and are just a few of the tops of these lobbies and elites that are part of the enlightened and are just these tiny elites they want to implement between oppression and slavery and blood AND DOMINATION etc the NWO

    And this small elite that in even smaller form still practiced black and other very obscure BLACK theurgency that was already activated by the SS NAZIS in the past and in this regard the "good" and "dear" Swaller de Lubiz knew so much OF THIS SA SS TACTICAL AND STRATEGIC PLAN ....
    And what we are claiming we have unmistakable evidence

    Of which we are part when working for the same copies and purposes of global awakening, but the real question is to understand who the real puppeteers of the elites are, and if they understand that everything will fit in the right context

    And even realized that it will ? FOR TRUE AND IF UNDERSTOOD THIS also this reveal what really alchemy really ALSO WATH also serves alchemy for .... and wath are also one of the use of its elixir etc

    My best regard
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    Getting a big list of names of mega rich pedo's would be good. The thin about killing a super rich pedo, is that when he's dead, his money gets dispersed, sometimes to less evil inclined children of the pedo, sometimes it is split between many, however, in a mans death, there is a lot of retail therapy and what I'm saying is the the cash trickles down to the lower class somewhat.

    This is my pedo bashing side coming out again. I can't engage in this thread anymore I'm sorry. Really interesting topic however it does bring out the worst in me, another sign that there are dark spirits associated with these types of 'elites'

    And yes Alfr, a lot of these high level elites are people who already recieved classified information about the American government through the military. If you can shoot an innocent Muslim in te face and not break a sweat, you get a promotion, so to speak.... Catch ya's in other threads, keep thinkin of ways to be a better impact on your country, when you grow really old and are about to die, try to take down a couple rich pedo's before you cark it. You'll be doing the rest of us a huge favour.

    Love you all.
    Join me; on a voyage of stupidity, and self discovery:

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