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I don't think there's anything wrong with occultism as I myself am an occultist. What is wrong with the illuminati is the fact that they control the wealth in the world through corruption and deception. They enslave the masses through a system where the rich get richer and the poor only get poorer without any chance of equality. This is a very convenient system for the ones who created it but how fair and convenient is it for the ones who are constantly oppressed? That is why nowadays we see mass revolutions and people trying to overthrow governments. If you watch CBC marketplace (Canadian TV show) you will see the uncovering of deceptive practices by big corporations used on consumers and the fallout of their actions hurt those HARD WORKING CONSUMERS to the max! I can understand that you come from a country where the president is an example of human excrement, but here in the west the people have bigger and better expectations of their governments and corporations. So to be fair I would say that it is commanded that every incarnated soul works very hard while here on Earth, but at the same token every individual respects the rights of one another and because this fails to happen on both counts, society as we know is coming to a grinding halt. It won't be too long until we experience a global market collapse. Until now the only thing that can make us all equals is death. Both the rich and the poor die and when they do they are exactly the same. But very soon that's about to change. The illuminati is coming to an end along with the system that it designed to monopolize the world.

If you want proof then here it is. A developer pays off the government parties $$$ to develop and sell whatever they want and at whatever price they want with little regulations about it. The government who just received $$$ favors now owe it to those crooked developers so they let them roam freely. Consumers buy into these "dreams" sold by malpractice and end up bankrupt because all they can do is work a lifetime to pay off a measly old house that nowadays cant even be paid off in their generation (maybe their kids or grandkids will have it paid off). Put yourself in these people's shoes!!! would you like to be working as a slave for peanuts? you don't owe shit, the bank does and if you don't poney up the mulla you're out on your ass with your entire family no questions about it. They won't care if you are accidented sick or whatever the reason. Yeah that's really fair. That's why I hate the illuminati. It is safe to say that 90-95% of people who become wealthy nowadays do so stepping on other people. Ergo why the bible says it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.

One thing I pray for is that if one day I can substantially increase my wealth I never forget the little ones in this world and that I never forget my humble beginnings.
How do you know any of this? Have you met with an Illuminati member and he/she told you that they control all the wealth of the world?