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Thread: Making gold and getting away with it

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    It could also help to maybe dilute the gold with some silver so that it wasnt so pure. And to make the purity different every time so that the mint didnt get so suspicious.

    But seriously, Gold is such a waste of Stone. I'd be much more interested in growing the worlds biggest and healthiest MANGO!

    Weeks of coding can save hours of planning.

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    So ultimately, if one deposits say, 100k into their bank account, and if the Bank decides to fill out an IRS form, virtually nothing could happen as long as the this type of deposit is not often since they will likely look for patterns as oppose to a one time transaction. You have not broke the law, so they couldn't pin anything on you if they tried, they would have to state what law was broken. I don't think there's any hidden government posse that hangs around hoping to snatch some newly found-out alchemist... how tedious would that be, and besides, there are many individuals who study alchemy and if you don't understand Alchemy as is, seeing as there is definitely many different interpretations of the same texts, one shouldn't find themselves worrying over selling gold because it literally takes one who have concrete understanding of alchemy to spot out another individual, so forget about the conspiracy of ''they're coming to get you'' unless you're announcing it... but I still think it would be good to be smart and not dump a whole bunch of gold all in one place, especially a pawn shop. Building up the cash, perhaps one can find themselves building up as high as 500k and making the deposit, and have you and your family (trusted ones) simply say that it's been a family savings over generations :P That is one way. I could think of a couple of ways to make more out of 500k legally, and in a form of official business, like real estate being one example.

    I was originally gonna ask a question but decided to state my conclusion on what I think on the matter.

    ''The main question here is - is the source or use of money against the law? If not, then why do you care even if your account is flagged?

    Even if it were flagged, nothing unpleasant will happen if you have not done anything really wrong.

    In most cases, they will not even reach out to you. I can tell you from my experience, my checking account had transactions less than $10,000 for 2 years and then one fine day, there was one transaction of $35,000, nothing happened.

    Then few months later, one transaction of $85,000 and nothing happened.

    All of the transactions were perfectly legal and in good order.

    So if you are like me, then you have nothing to worry.'' - Bobby Arora

    I've never had to fill out a form when making a large deposit. The easiest way to attract notice is by trying to avoid being noticed. When an account has unusual activity (and $22k would apply), the bank notifies the government. As long as you are not consistently making and withdrawing large amounts of money, you should be fine. The absolute worst thing that will happen is someone may ask you where you got the money, and you then tell them that you had been saving up your money... The only way you could get into trouble is if you try to get around the notification requirements by making 7 deposits of $3000 each. Just put the money in. Remember, there is nothing that they can do on suspicion. They need evidence of wrong doing before they can do anything.

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