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Thread: The chest of the mysteries

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hellin Hermetist View Post
    Isnt this book the same with the one of Rupescissa named "De La Vertu Et La Propriete De La Quintessence De Toutes Choses"?
    No, it is different. The Rupescissa book concentrates on medicinal topics (it is usually regarded as the first book to be devoted to the medicinal aspect of alchemy), while the Lullian book concentrates more on transmutational ones. That Spanish edition is a translation of this Latin one:

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDP View Post
    It is to me, if the text in question happens to be about alchemy. I am curious to know which one it is. I may have it, since I have a lot of what has been published on the subject in Spanish, but then again it might be something very rare that I was not aware it existed. This happened to me some years ago when someone informed me that there actually was a published Spanish version of Ramon Llull's "Book of the Secrets of Nature or Quintessence". Not only I had no idea that the Spanish version of this text even existed but to my surprise it had indeed been published (in 1989):

    Needless to say, I tracked down a used copy of this very rare publication and acquired it. And luckily, I did not have to pay the INSANE prices (352.36 euros!!!) that are now being asked for this rare book.
    I won't open the "chest of the mystery" until I have it published. Once I do, you'll know it and my policy is to sell very cheap (only hardcovers and something around $25 to $30).
    I also use a system to prevent the books going out of print as to avoid re-sellers (I saw a work by me -a movie, not a book- being re-sold for $666 [how esoteric] when the DVD got sold out).

    Do not be surprised to find "strange" books by Llull in Spanish or in Catalan... He is somehow like a "national hero" in the zone of Catalunya. So Llull and pseudo-Llulll have somehow a "big audience" there that transcends the typical audience interested in Alchemy (a bit like Kafka in Prague, where you may find yourself sleeping at the hotel Kafka which in on a street called "Kafka" and next to you there is a gift-shop called "Kafka" too, next to the Kafka coffee shop, etc).

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    Quote Originally Posted by zoas23 View Post
    Hmmm, I wonder if "Ludus Puerorum o Tratado intitulado Trabajo de mujeres y juego de niños" was translated by you or that other person? Seems to be a very interesting work. I think I saw its latin version in Theatrum Chemicum, and I was never able to find English version (there is similar work on English but entirely different), however I managed to find Spanish version

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