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Thread: The Art of Street Fighting

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    The Art of Street Fighting

    I'm going to make the bold statement that any person who is on a path of spiritual development, is going to be met by some resistance.

    Violence should always be avoided, it achieves very little for the human race. Obviously. However sometimes the true Seeker, has these energies thrust upon him/herself, and as an extra precaution, it is wise to know the basics of how to defend ones self.

    This is a short guide, to the secrets of fighting that have allowed me to protect myself, and knock cunts the fuck out! (The Author insists that a true seeker will NEVER start a fight EVER! (In fact, starting fights is the absolute best way to get your head smashed in)

    So if the occasion would occur, and someone hits you, what do you do? Well, the first thing one has to do is ask oneself "is he going to hit me again?" If a person just hits you once, Perhaps to make a point, and has immediately deflated his desire to do harm to you, best go with the flow, no point in encouraging further violence by hitting back, unless of course, the assault is continuous, in which case, you better gird your loins, caz shit is going down.

    Rule number 1 of street fighting: protect yourself. Keep your hands up, in closed fists, about three inches or so from the 'temples' you must protect these soft parts of the head, as well, and very importantly, the chin. If you take a hit to the chin, from the side, even one of medium force will knock you unconscious. This is due to two nerves that are between the hinge of the jaw. When the chin is hit from a side angle, it forces the jaw up into these 'pressure points' and it can instantly send you into un-consiousness. Which brings us to our next rule...

    Rule number 2 of street fighting: Aim for the Jaw, or the throat. Don't try and kick them I'm the balls, it doesn't always work and it leave you in a position where they can grab your leg with either their legs or hands, and seriously effect your centre of gravity, of which this centre is the key to all your strength, because without it, your about as effective as a butterfly trying to headbutt a mountain. And this brings us to our next point..

    Rule number 3 of street fighting: Do not allow yourself to lose balance and be knocked to the ground. People have died, from being boot bashed to death, because they were overcome, fell to the ground and got a steel cap boot right in their head. (Those who fight in this style are usually very cowardly group attackers). If you go down, protect the temples and jaw, and use your legs to kick as hard as you fucking can, your already on the ground and losing so now would be a really shit time to show restraint. KICK THOSE MUTHA FUCKERS. In the knees. As hard as you canand look for an opperunity to get up as fast as possible, you are much less likely to suffer serious head injury, if your standing up. The goal at the end of the day, is to make it through this situation with the minimal damage done to yourself. That's the only reason your fighting. Sometimes you may have to hurt another person in order to be safe yourself, however you should never forget your primary objective, getting out of there alive. Which leads us to our next very important rule of fighting.

    Rule number 4 of street fighting: Learn how to through a hit. Reading this is a good start but you should always practise. An effective punch uses as much of your body weight behind the hit as you can, it will be aimed at a sensitive area such as the ones mentioned previously, it should also, and this is the most important aspect and the one that will keep you alive, 'follow through'. When your arm is at full stretch, your fist should not only reach the persons body to hit them, it should continue to move THROUGH the persons body, as if punching a punching bag that is behind them, don't over-do it, however this technique is invaluable and has saved my ass many times and is a paramount skill to learn if you want to protect yourself. Even large scary men, can drop like a sack of potatoes, if struck in the side of the jaw with a follow through hit. Most people cannot hit, if you do get in a fight, and it becomes clear that they are aware of this technique, I highly suggest simply running. Even a small person who knows this technique can be very effective at fighting, and a large person could quite literally be deadly, if they have a lot of weight on their fist and arms and they follow it through to your throat or temple. Practise this style of punches, following through on your hits, it can keep you, and sometimes those around you, alive. Which touches on our next point.

    Rule number 5 of street fighting: be aware of who and what is around you, at all times. Multiple enemies can cause serious problems very quickly, most especially, if you don't even know they are there. Be smart. Be aware. Don't put yourself in an environment that makes you vulnerable to attack from multiple sides. Don't let anyone behind you. Consider other environmental factors, am I standing against a hard wall? They could smash my head back against it, your enemies will use the environment (most especially the cowardish ones) and it's your responsibility to use it as well. Or at the very least, to be aware and ensure that the environment does not cause you a disadvantage. Be aware as to wether or not there are weapons around. Do not fight people who are holding weapons. Your not a kung-fu expert, your an armature street fighter and a steel pole will make short work of you.

    This are the very basics, I could go on all day but this is not a paid course so this is all your get

    Love you all, take care of yourselves.
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    People who inflict pain on others without thinking is because they have not experienced much pain this is my experience. People who would kill another human without thinking it is because their life is cheap and they have never meditated on what life or death is.

    So if someone tries to hit me for no reason I know it is because they have never experienced pain, they are cheap in their character and they think nothing of personal sovereignty.

    Let me explain more about that last point. The person who would freely hit you is the same person who will freely impose their speech upon you even if unwanted, is the same person who thinks nothing of taking something that belongs to you, is the same person who thinks nothing of damaging something that belongs to the same person who thinks nothing of invading your personal space or hitting you.

    These people are usually cowards and when they finally experience pain their true cowardly nature comes rushing to the surface as they scramble to get away.

    So how would I deal with such a person, as a seeker of truth it is also my job be a teacher when I can. In this case I will teach them what pain is. I will counter attack absolutely ferociously, I will put the fear of death into them, I will make them piss down their trouser leg, they will witness the flame kindling in my eyes... In short I will teach them what reality is and after knowing this they will think a second time before they will ever think about hitting someone again.

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