Many years ago I attended a lecture hosted by nexus magazine as it was one of the magazines I used to occasionally purchase. I did not know any of the guest speakers but it was a weekend and I just randomly decided to go.

Laurence Gardner had just published his book genesis of the grail kings and was doing a book signing at the end of the series of lectures.

At this time I was already a student of Alchemy so was interested when he started talking about the philosophers stone. He started his lecture by holding up a glass tube in which there was a white powder. He said that only yesterday this was a 24k gold Canadian maple coin. He described this stuff as mono atomic gold and explained it had a history stretching back to ancient Sumer and Egypt.

Now I knew this stuff was not the philosophers stone not being red was a big clue and I had other reasons to discount this stuff as being the elixir. That being said I was very interested in it purely on technician grounds because he described weird properties this white powder possessed. He described it as exotic matter and I knew what exotic matter was and what its technical applications could be. He described experiments in which this stuff would emit suddenly a blinding flash of white light almost like an explosion of magnesium flash powder but no blast, sound or heat. He said in some experiments it had a negative weight and to top it off sometimes it would vanish completely from a sealed container only to reappear later. So I thought this stuff is not the philosophers stone but damn it is interesting and I wanted to get my hands on some.
He briefly described how it was made but said he would not reveal the whole process as it was a secret. He said it was made by blasting 24K gold with a high voltage electrical arc.

Well I knew there was noway blasting gold with an electrical arc would result in a white powder. At the most you would melt it or vaporise it.

After the lecture I decided to purchase his book just so I could chat with him about alchemy. I wanted to know what he really knew about alchemy an if he did indeed think this white powder was the philosophers stone.

I told him I had read the philosophers stone was red so how could this white powder be the stone. I asked him did he really believe this white powder was the stone.

He didn't say much he just smiled and said "the philosophers stone is made from antimony".

Well I thought that's strange he just wrote a book and gave a lecture saying the philosophers stone is a white powder made from gold but in privet he has just revealed that he did not believe this to be so. Laurence Gardner in his own words believed the philosophers stone was made from Antimony. Now I thought to myself does he believe it is composed of Sb of the periodic table or is he using veiled speech...well I never got to find out and I never contacted him for clarification.

I still wanted to experiment with this mono-atomic white powder and I knew I would get no more information out of him regarding its production.

I naturally started to search but all I could find was people playing around with sea salt or dirt dug up from this guys farm that he was calling mono atomic gold. Basically anything people dug up that was white they were saying it was mono atomic gold. Well I had no interest in that stuff because it did not display any of the cool effects of the stuff Laurence Gardner had made such as exploding in blinding flashes of pure white light or weighing less then zero in a pan.

I lost interest in the subject after a while, I thought perhaps the whole thing was bs to sell a few books. I heard Laurence Gardner passed away years later and I naturally thought "well so much for the health benefits of eating mono atomic gold, so much for the claim of massively extended lifespans from eating it". I had heard he died of cancer which was one of the things he had said his white powder might be able to cure.

Thinking on the subject later I thought what is produced when you blast gold with a high voltage electrical arc?

X rays

and what will extended exposure to X rays cause?

Dna damage

and what will dna damage result in?

cell mutation or cancer!

Could have been just a coincidence, like I said the whole thing could have just been about selling books.